Classic Updo Hair Tutorial


How to Do :
Step 1 : Section the front half of your hair off from the rest of you hair. Secure with Ponytail.
Step 2 : Take the section of hair that sits at the crown of your head and begin back combing to create volume. take the entire section, and then separate a small top layer from it. Next back comb a lot to create a good amount of volume. Finally, take the small top layer you removed previously and comb it over the teased mound. This helps to keep the hair looking sleek and smooth.
Step 3 : Bobby pin to secure. Be liberal with the pins, you don’t want the poof going anywhere. Then it looks sloppy, not classic.
Step 4 : Take the section from step one, and part it. part down the middle, but feel free to side part.
Step 5 : Pull each front section to the side, and back. Secure with bobby pins.
Step 6 : Pull your remaining hair into a low bun. Secure with bobby pins. Spritz with hairspray.

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