Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is a task we procrastinate because we think it is more tedious than it actually is. Once we get around to doing it was simpler much than we imagined. It is a good idea to clean your brushes every month and a half (more often may be necessary depending on use). Brushes can be collectors for bacteria, oil, dead skin and of course make up.

Pretty gross, lets try not to think about it too much. If you have a problem with acne or have sensitive skin it is even more important to clean your brushes regularly to reduce the amount of oil and bacteria you put on your face.

It had been a while since my brushes had been cleaned and I finally broke down and cleaned them… Like I mentioned above it wasn’t as big of a task as I was making it out to be.

I used:

  • warm water
  • face wash
  • paper towels

1. Sounds easy already! Over the years I have tried various brush cleaners and have found that face wash works the best. I count on it to remove makeup from my face so I expect it to remove it from my brushes too. I use Clinique wash-away gel cleanser as my makeup remover/ face wash, feel free to use your favorite cleanser.

2. First, run the brush through warm water with the bristles facing down. It is important to keep the bristles down to keep water from getting under the metal, we want to keep the glue that holds the bristles protected.

3. Lather the cleanser in your hand and apply it to brush.

4. Usually, I use the brush on my soapy hand as if I were brushing makeup on my face. This keeps the bristles from fraying too much. Rinse brush until your water runs clear.

5. If a brush is extra dirty or if it is a dense brush (kabuki) I will repeat the soap step.

6. Next, Lightly shake off excess water and brush onto a dry paper towel.

7. Reshape if necessary and dry flat (not standing up). Rotate on the towel every few hours if necessary.

A few extra tips: Don’t leave the brush soaking wet, shake off extra water and dry as soon as possible. Don’t be too rough with the bristles, they are only held in with glue. Make sure the brushes are completely dry before use.

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