Common armpits shaving mistakes

Find out the most common mistakes that women make when they shave their armpits and how you can avoid them.
There are some women who in sensitive areas such as the armpits do not support wax or electric hair removal machines, so it turn to the most practical, the most inexpensive and most popular method of hair removal – shaving unwanted hair.

If you count yourself among these women, probably already you know how unpleasant are the irritations and small cuts. But never mind, because today the time has come to talk about the subject and analyze the little mistakes we make when we shave armpits. Here they are and especially how you can avoid them in the future.

Give up the soap when you shave armpits
Since the armpit skin is very sensitive and delicate, the first thing you should know is that in order to avoid accidents, it is best to not shave with dry skin or using soap. The most effective method of hair removal, using the razor, is by using a foam or special shaving gel.

Use a disposable razor
The second vital thing for shaving is, of course, the razor blade. The best option you can opt in this case is represented by disposable razors. Unfortunately many women use several times the same device and even if initially may seem like a good idea, but when you will get a splendid irritation and your armpits will sting for days, you will certainly regret that you did not changed the razor. Therefore razors are found in a lot of variants, some of them very accessible because they are disposable and it is best to change them after every shave.

Do not insist too much
After establishing the first two rules of hair removal with razor blade, take care that during the shaving, the blade will not go over the same area too many times. The blade must go in the opposite direction of hair growth, and two repetitions are enough.

Do not use antiperspirant right after shaving
At the end of the process do not use antiperspirant immediately! Wait until your skin calms down, even for 20-30 minutes, and only then use antiperspirant. Even better would be if you shave armpits in the evening and wait until the next morning to apply antiperspirant.

Common armpits shaving mistakes

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