How to cut your own bangs and split-ends at home

Who said you have to go to the salon every time you want to do a little retouch on your capillary ornament? There is nothing wrong if you want to make some changes at home. Learn to handle scissors skilfully and how to cur your own bangs and split ends at home.

Even if you do not know how to cut your own bags and split ends, I chose the easiest ways for you to do it at home. Everything is so simple that you will manage to do it wonderfully, all by yourself.

For start, you should know that hair must be dry when you cut your own bags, otherwise you may find that it is shorter than you wanted. The next step is to remove hairs that might tangle during the process. Therefore, depending on hair length, make a ponytail. Pay attention to the utensils you use. For example, scissors must be sharp enough and the comb has to be a little thin so you can handle it without problems. It’s perfect if you get special tools for trimming.

For straight bangs

Decide the length you want to have your bangs and check to see if it looks good on you. Smooth out the bangs, then descends slightly to comb the area you want to cut. You can decrease the length to be sure you cut well.

Do not remove hair comb immediately, but keep it in the same position and use it as a guide to catch the hair between your forefinger and middle finger. Do not cut from one motion, as you probably trend, do it gradually.  Hold the scissor a little bit inclined while doing so. If you find it hard do, you can split it in two sections and cut the locks gradually. Make sure the hair is the same length. Finally, either you keep the line clear or come back with scissors and pinch the ends from the bottom up.

For asymmetrical bangs

Delineates the fringe area, smooth it and twist it with your fingers of a motion from right to left, so it will be easier to roll. Fix the area with your fingers, untangle it and cut it diagonally (gradually). Return on hair with the same movements. Do not cut too much hair at first, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Divide the hair in half and pinch it gently with scissors. Merge the two sections and perform the same movements, but not only in the area where you cut before. Polish the final look and enjoy your new asymmetrical fringe.

If you want to cut your own split-ends

Option 1: Grab your hair in a ponytail, then pull the elastic to the ends to secure the hair. Decide how you want to cut the ends and hold it with elastic on the part you want to remove. Position the scissors and cut area above the waistband.

Option 2: After you well combed, divide hair into two large sections. Grab the top with a clamp and leave it free on the underside. Leave your hair on both sides of the shoulders. Detangle it and delineates the area you want to remove, then cut it with the scissors. Do the same on the other side. Loosen the hair from the ponytails, smooth it with comb and divide it into two sections (right and left). Check the length. Cut the ends gradually, not from one motion.

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