Dark Hair Dry Shampoo

I use this product probably more often than I should but when you have thick hair like me, it holds oil like no body’s business and I didn’t like the damage to my hair from washing it everyday. So I use dry shampoo on days where I’m not at work (I wear a hardhat and work mostly outside so those days I NEED to wash my hair) or in the morning if my hair got a little oily overnight.

I have always used the spray on dry shampoo – or at least since it came out a few years back. That stuff is a joke. A can lasts MAYBE a month and it’s all chalky on my dark hair – I look like I dipped my head in flour. So when I brush it out I end up brushing so much that I bring the oil back out. It was a constant struggle. And, honestly, a stupid one. Of all the things in the world to fight with, freaking dry shampoo is not worth it.

I tried several options that I found out in the interwebs, but none were really right for me. I liked the option of using cornstarch, but it’s stark white so it’s LITERALLY like putting flour in my hair. Then there was one with baby powder – same issue. Basically they were all white powders brushed on your head. Although there were some that used some sort of cloth that looked like a ShamWow with some stuff on it the you rub into your scalp – it seemed complicated and a bit pricey.

So this is where I got creative. I played with the ratios a bit before finding a good balance, but here is my SUPER easy recipe for dark hair dry shampoo:

  • add 1 part cornstarch

  • to 1 part cocoa powder
  • mix with essential oil for scent to preference

That’s it. I know – I’m brilliant. I’m sure no one else could come up with it. (please try to suppress your laughter).
But I was so happy when I figured it out! It’s crazy easy, crazy cheap, and absolutely the BEST dry shampoo I have ever used. I made a batch with 1/2 cup of each powder and about 20 drops of high altitude lavender (my new love) about a month ago. I’m not even halfway through it yet! And I haven’t changed my usage at all! If anything I use more now that I’m using homemade shampoo without any surfactants or detergents so sometimes my hair holds more oil. Check out my homemade shampoo recipe.

Tip: don’t over-use the mixture. If you put too much on your scalp and sweat at all, the cocoa can get cake-y like any other powder but it looks stranger when your sweat from your head is brown HAHA! Really, a little goes a long way with this mix. I load up my foundation brush just once and it covers my whole head – and I have a very dense head of hair.

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