Detoxify Your Hair with Natural Ingredients

We all know that hair products based on chemicals like shampoos, conditioners and some procedures like straightening, smoothening, make your hair weaker. Besides all these, our hair is daily affected by external pollutants and toxins. As a consequence, we confront with excessive hair fall, hair thinning, poor hair growth, various kinds of hair disorders like dandruff and boldness. For making your hair feel better, you can visit spas and saloons, but they will make you remove a fortune from your pocket.

I recommend you something that will definitely have the same good result as the spa treatments, but that will cost you much lesser. For hair, detoxification opt for natural ingredients!

We provide you several ways of detoxification that will help you get back your shiny and healthy hair.

Lemon Juice
This is known as one of the best natural hair products for detoxification. Add some lemon juice in the water in which you wash your hair. It helps to remove dirt and oil more efficiently and, of course, detox your hair.

Sea Salt
Sea Salt is full of minerals that are very beneficial for the scalp. For a better result, combine this ingredient with some baking soda and vinegar. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair for some minutes and then wash your head as usual.

Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking soda is a miraculous product from all points of view, including for hair detoxification. Apply it on your hair and leave it to act for several minutes. Rinse it with diluted vinegar. Use the combination of soda and white vinegar also if you deal with bumps and acne on the scalp.

Lemon and Cucumber Shampoo
We have mentioned upper the benefits of lemon on the scalp and hair. However, for a cooling effect, mix lemon juice with a paste of cucumber. It can serve as a great natural detoxifying shampoo.

Coconut Milk
Coconut milk is a perfect nourishing product. It provides the same advantage for hair. It detoxifies the strands of hair and stimulates hair growth. Be sure that you use fresh coconut milk for this purpose.

Honey is another amazing nourishing natural ingredient. It can be used for any type of hair. Before applying it on hair, rinse your hair with some diluted apple cider vinegar. Then, massage the honey, leave it for some time, and wash off as you normally do.

No matter of your hair issue, there is a natural way to help you treat your condition. Just take your time and find it!

Detoxify Your Hair with Natural Ingredients

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