How to Discolor your Hair Naturally

Some of the hair discoloring products contain chemical substances that will totally deteriorate your hair. What can you do about this issue? You definitely want to avoid this unpleasant situation, but you are still willing to discolor your hair. The good news is that it’s actually possible to discolor your hair comfortably at home, without chemical substances.

Hair discoloring with lemon juice
One of the best and most efficient natural ways for discoloring your hair consists of lemon juice. You will only have to prepare a fresh lemon juice and mix equal amounts of lemon juice with water. Put the obtained mixture in a bottle that can pulverize and apply it on your hair.
Alternatively, apply this mixture on your hair, once done with your shower, without rinsing it off in the end. In this situation, you will stand as much as you can with the lemon juice on your hair under the sunrays. The UV rays will efficiently accelerate the discoloring process.

Hair discoloring with honey and cinnamon-based mask
There are also some other natural hair discoloring techniques that you might be interested to find out. For example, you definitely didn’t know that a mask made of honey and cinnamon (both of them contain hydrogen peroxide) will efficiently do the job. You will only need 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 6 tablespoons of water (distilled water, if possible).
First, you will have to dissolve the honey in water and then add the rest of the ingredients as well, until you obtain the consistency of a paste. This paste has to be applied on your wet hair for facilitating the distribution of this product on the entire surface of your hair as well as its roots. Then cover your hair with a towel or a shower cap and stay like that as much as possible, preferably a few hours. Initially it is possible that you would feel itchiness or burning on the skin of your scalp, but this feeling will disappear within several minutes. After a few hours (4 to 6 hours), wash your hair like you usually do. It will become fine and silky, thanks to the honey and olive oil, with glowing reflexes. You can use this mask on a weekly basis, until you will obtain the desired shade.
The discoloring with this mask is thanks to the natural peroxide contain in honey, cinnamon and olive oil. In order to release hydrogen peroxide, the honey needs to be diluted in water in proportions of 1 to 6. If you don’t like the smell of cinnamon, you can successfully replace it with cardamom because this is also rich in hydrogen peroxide. For this mask to be efficient, you will have to take into consideration the following indications:
• If you wish to add other ingredients along with the basic ones, avoid vitamin C because this oxidizes, when gets in contact with hydrogen peroxide as well as cancels its discoloring effect;
• Before applying this mask on your hair, do a short test on your wrist, because cinnamon may have an irritating effect;
• For a better homogenization it is preferred that all of the ingredients would be at room temperature;
• Certain types of honey may load your hair with some waste, so it is indicated that you use shampoo for eliminating the mask.

Yes, beer is not only considered a simple drink, but a healthy aliment as well. It contains a significant amount of vitamin C and other nutritional substances that originate from yeast. In terms of your hair, beer could act in two directions: from one hand, it naturally discolors your hair and from the other hand it gives your hair some extra volume. Here’s what you have to do when you are ready to obtain some amazing results!
Wash your hair with the shampoo that you’re using on a regular basis and then apply on your wet hair a whole bottle of beer. Dry your hair like you regularly do, but preferably under the sun. If you will opt for this discoloring method two times a week, you will definitely obtain your desired results in approximately the two upcoming months.

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