Discover what your hand shape reveals about You

It is believed that eyes are the “windows to our soul” but hands are the “tools of our mind”.Our hands can reveal a lot of information about us. They give away our mood, our thoughts. Only a single gesture with the fingers tells the others that we are happy, angry, anxious, bored and we don’t even need words to express these feelings. We can speak whatever we want and lie as much as we want, but hands don’t lie, they will reveal the truth in the same instance.

Your hand shape provides information about your genetics – whether you have low-bred or upper-class ancestry. Let’s take a look at the types of hand shapes and find out more information about you that you probably didn’t know.

This hand shape is the initial shape, a tactless, stubby hand with short, chubby fingers, and short ill-formed nails. The thumb is short and also, such thumb is known as the “the Murderer’s Thumb”. Why did it earn this nickname? Because in 2011 was conducted a study on 400 murderers, and it was concluded that all of them had a short thumb. However, not all the people with such a thumb are violent, some of them can’t even hurt a fly, not to mention hurting a person. Anyway, a bad temper is common for such hand shape owners, with a tendency towards violence and aggression. Such people are not very ambitious in achieving any goals in life. All they want is to satisfy their primary needs, including eating, drinking, and sleeping.

This hand type has an irregular shape. The palm may be wider at the wrists than at the base of the fingers, or vice-versa. People with the first option, wider at the wrists, tend to be impulsive while the others, with wider at the base of the fingers, are more practical. Inventors, artists, engineers, and other nonconformist people have such a hand shape. The owners of spatulate hands are very energetic. Nevertheless, if the hand is soft, the features describing this hand shape might turn into annoyance, and disappointment, and a bit of inadequacy. Probably, this switch of spirit is caused by an inveterate feeling that hurts their way of being.

This hand shape is unreally beautiful. It is long, narrow, and thin, with long, slim fingers, pointed fingertips, and almond-shaped nails. The owner of such a hand is a dreamer and idealist. They are friendly to others, gentle, calm, and patient people. Sadly, though, they can be influenced by others. Their naivety and thoughts that the world is perfect and people cannot bad make them vulnerable in front of others. It is good to have such an optimistic person around as a friend.

This hand shape is very beautiful. It’s graceful, with long slender fingers and gentle movements. Imagine such a hand playing the violin, the piano, or painting a portrait. Actually, they might not be the painter themselves but they are good art connoisseurs. They are good speakers and loved for their enthusiasm. However, they become selfish when their own well-being is concerned. Because they care too much about their comfort, they take it easy and don’t get the most of their artistic temperament. Normally, the conical hand is soft and fleshy, but if it is firm, this means that this person will do everything to acquire his goals.

A square shape hand is characterized by a square, dominant, long thumb. The fingertips, nails, wrist, and base to the finger are square. Such people are practical and precise in whatever they are doing. They appreciate logic and friendship. Such people are reliable, organized, however, not very imaginative, or affectionate. Doctors, lawyers, or scientists are representatives of such hand shape.

This hand shape is characterized by a long and angular hand, with bony fingers and knotty joints. Given the name of the shape, such people are academic and love reading. Such people are thinking rationally and advocate for the rights of others.

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