Distance between your Eyebrows can Reveal your Personality

There are numerous ways that can help you find out the character of a person. For example, in palmistry it is believed that the hands, palms and fingers may reveal the personality of an individual, but even your future. The eyebrows are always a crucial aspect of every makeup tutorial, so that you can look brilliant all the time. But did you know that the eyebrows may help to determine your personality? So, understand that distance between your eyebrows can also reveal certain aspects of character.

Let us see together what the distance between your eyebrows tells about you. Even if this article doesn’t focus on a scientifically proven method, the results are amazingly precise. See in which category you can integrate yourself!

The shape of your eyebrows hides a lot of secrets about you! According to Jean Haner, expert in “reading the face”, they reveal trust, logic, motivation and the organizational abilities of a person, as she declared this in a recent interview.

Do the eyebrows own the key of a personality? Find out what the shape of your eyebrows is telling about you (and friends, family, work colleagues too).

  1. Inclined eyebrows: you are a perfectionist nature. Your strong point is the sense of sight, so that you remark and keep in mind easily any visual details.
  2. Inclined eyebrows also indicate a creative spirit: a lot of people with inclined eyebrows are skilled, nonconformist and inventive craftsmen. The talent for crafts spills on many other aspects of life as well.
  3. Straight eyebrows: if your eyebrows are perfectly straight, it means that you are a logical, pragmatic and very rational person. Your friends, family and bosses can trust in you and don`t hesitate to count on you when needed.
  4. Straight eyebrows also indicate a well-organized nature: you act with tact and you are very organized, both in service and matters of everyday life.
  5. Arched eyebrows at the middle: this aspect denotes competitive spirit. You are an ambitious person and embody a good supervisor or business person.
  6. Arched eyebrows at the middle also indicate a hard-working nature: you don`t like to lose, so you do everything that you can to realize and assert yourself, no matter what the sacrifices you need to do are. You take care that your nature focused on the details would not decrease; you risk losing seeing the overall image of things.
  7. Arched eyebrows: you are a calculated and smart individual, and your friends and family appreciate your brainy nature. You often temper your enthusiasm in approaching situations logically and objectively. Arched eyebrows also indicate a good interior balance.

You treat all matters of life seriously and in a responsible way, always maintaining the sense of proportion. You dislike dramatic conjunctures, fights and disputes, so that you are trying to avoid such situations. You are seen as a reliable friend and a trustworthy collaborator.

Have you discovered your personality? You definitely liked these interesting facts about the distance between your eyebrows!

Distance between your Eyebrows can Reveal your Personality

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