DIY all-natural body wash

I have finally done it! For the past few weeks I have been researching how to make my own body wash. A few months ago I successfully made a great sugar scrub. But a girl can’t use a scrub every single day! Sometimes we just need a great body wash.

Most recipes I found online involved castile soap. Originally, I wanted to create something that didn’t include castile soap. However, after researching a little more into what castile soap really is, I decided that, at least for my first DIY body wash attempt, I would use castile soap. So, here it is!

1 c. castile soap with tea tree oil
2 ounces aloe vera juice
1 tbs. coconut oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1/4 ounce jojoba oil

Most of the ingredients you can find at the local health food store, if not , you can order it online and even in bulk, which would make this cheaper!

First off, castile soap is a very easy base to make your own body wash. In fact, you can actually just use castile soap on its own as body wash, household cleaners, shaving cream, etc. However, I wanted to add a couple extra things to really spruce this recipe up and take full advantage of the awesome properties in each ingredient. Castile soap has an olive oil base and therefore is very moisturizing and gentle for sensitive skin. It is commonly believed that it is great for eczema, which I actually have, as well as incredibly dry skin.

Aloe vera juice: acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, proven to aid in elastin and collagen repair, also shown to help with redness, scars, healing, and eczema (score!).

Coconut oil: is an excellent moisturizer, helps fight against aging, is gentle and mild and also helps with chornic skin conditions such as… you guessed it… eczema. BINGO BANGO!

Tea tree oil: helps fight scarring and heals cuts and scrapes, helps with canker sores, boils, lesions, etc. In essential oil form, it is not recommended to put directly onto skin unless diluted with other liquid.

Eucalyptus oil: is a very versatile essential oil that helps fight infections. It also has a deodorizing property and gives the body wash a great smell!

Xanthan gum: used as a thickening agent

Jojoba oil: excellent moisturizer, does not evaporate like many other moisturizers, therefore stays with you all day long. Prevents damage from free radicals (guess that’s good for an x-ray tech!), high in vitamin E, some studies show jojoba is the closest in oils to that of human skin oil.

Mix all ingredients together, then bring to a boil for 2 minutes in a medium sized sauce pan, stirring constantly. This step is simply to dissolve the xanthan gum and thicken it up. In all honesty, the next batch of soap I make I will not be using xanthan gum. I was unimpressed with how much (or should I say little) it thickened, and therefore will be able to skip the boiling step and just dump my mixture into a jar and stick it in the shower.

Afterward, I gave my body soap a go and really liked it! A little, tiny bit, went a really long way and it smelled amazing! My skin felt great, which was surprising. Usually when I get out of the shower, I am covered in hives and have to dump oil on my skin right away. Not so today. No hives and my skin felt better than normal, not like I was going to crack in a bazillion little pieces! Plus!

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