DIY Handmade Soap

I’ve been wanting to make my own soap for a while. I came across a tutorial this morning on Amazon and decided to finally give it a try. Plus, I needed a reason to use my 40% off coupon that was going to expire soon anyway. I ended up getting one of the Soap Making Kit rather than buying everything separately and since it was my first time, I think I made the right move.

What you’ll need:
+ glycerin soap (this usually comes in a big bar but you can also buy individual bars)
+ soap mold
+ fragrance
+ your choice of colors

Buying a kit definitely limited me in terms of creativity. I’m not too enamored of the mold that came with it and the coloring was a little bit weak. I decided to only make a trial bar.

1. Melt the glycerin. Four cubes usually equal one bar.

2. Once the soap has melted down, add the fragrance and coloring until you get the desired look. Pour the soap into a mold. If you want a design on the front of your soap, make sure to have the stamp lying face up at the bottom of the mold before pouring.
3. Let the soap cool and harden before you attempt to take it out. I think I may have left mine in a little too long because it took forever to get it out of the mold.

I used the mold from this supplier,  I’ll probably try something new next time. The stamp was pretty detailed and I have a feeling that something simpler will come out a little better.

4. Wrap your soap!
Next time I think I’ll try a new mold and a different decal. Overall I think my first bar of soap turned out pretty well! There are tons of cheap kits out there that provide everything for your first try. Once you’ve got a hang of it, buying it wholesale is probably the best way to go.

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