DIY oil serum for dry skin

When you have very dry skin it is very difficult to find a moisturizer that not only hydrates your skin, but is also light enough to not cause you breakouts. You can’t use creams made for oily skin (those are usually lighter) because they don’t offer the proper hydration and nourishing.

Well, the answer you’re seeking might not be to find the miracle moisturizer, but instead to have a light hydrating cream – water based – and an oil serum that provides all the oils and nourishing that your skin needs.

Now, to the serum. You could, of course, just go to a pharmacy or order one online, but I honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the money. Most serum-oils you find online are actually a mixture of pure cosmetic oils, but have nothing special, except for the brand. Therefore, I recommend you rather make your own serum. For this, I will give you some advice together with a recipe that worked perfectly fine for me and also for my friend with dehydrated skin.

First, you need to know that there are cosmetic oils and there are cooking oils (ok, also unrefined oils, but that’s a different business). The ones that I strongly recommend you to use are cosmetic oils because they are more refined and won’t break you out the way cooking oils would. Invest in 10 ml containers, because they only last for 6 months or so (if you keep them in a cold place, of course).

Second, not all cosmetic oils are suitable to be applied on your face. For example, coconut and olive oil are extremely good for hair masks, or even for the skin on your body, but they are kinda comedogenic and might break you out. If you have them, or insist on using them on your face, do that for make-up removal. But don’t forget about a second cleanse. Instead, you need oils that have antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients. The best here are: avocado, jojoba, rose-hip seed oil, argan, macadamia, safflower, cottonseed and chamomile oil. It’s quite a long list, so you can try and pick whichever suits you better. Try to stay away from essential oils though. Even if they smell great, they are extremely irritant for the skin, so it’s a no-no!

Now, the recipe I promised: 1/5 chamomile oil + 1/5 safflower oil + 2/5 jojoba oil + 1/5 rose hip oil. This is perfect if you have extremely dry skin. If it’s drier to combination skip the safflower and put instead 2/5 rosehip oil.
Apply this serum every night after your moisturizer and gently massage it into the skin. Voila!

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