DIY Simple Recipe Egg Pore Strips for your Blackheads

Very few people can tell that they don’t have problems with blackheads. And those are some very happy people I’m sure. But most of us have this problem, at the puberty age, at an young adult age or at 50s, on our face or body we can find little black dots, white or yellowish.

Blackheads are said to be the first stage of acne. They form before bacteria invade the pores of the patient’s skin. A blackhead can develop into a pimple, which is also known as a papule or pustule.

These blackheads on our face, especially on our nose, are very unaesthetic and you can remove them at a cosmetician or home, with a simple natural recipe in which you will need only an egg 😀

DIY Simple Recipe Egg Pore Strips for your Blackheads :

  • use an egg
  • separate the egg white from the yolk egg
  • rabble the egg white until will appear bubbles
  • put it on your face on the areas were you have blackheads
  • take a tissue, divide the tissue to get one layer, take pieces of it to put on diferent parts of your face that have egg whites ( this is the part were you are going to look like a crazy person )

You don’t have to move to much just let it dry. If you will like to speed up the process you can use a blow dryer. Now that the pore strips have had time to dry we are going to peel it off ( an effective way to take it even more from your pores is to peel it gently downwards and start from the bottom )
If you wanna see if it works just take a look on the strip and you will see some little white chunks that were just built up in your pores on your nose. My macro setting from my camera doesn’t work very well… I tried to take a clearly photo for you to see the little white chunks but I couldn’t in the end 🙁
A good rule is to do this process every 3 days.
After you finished that you will need to apply a good natural moisturiser on your face which is were the egg yolks came in. Mix it up and apply it on your face, you will turn out yellow but it will be very good for your skin. Stay like that until it will dry, or speed up the dry process with your blow dryer.

At the end wash your face with warm water. Your skin face it will look so good, so great, refreshed, moisturise and very clean. I’m very pleased with this recipe for my blackheads. Hope that you will be too !

Egg Pore Strips for your Blackheads

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  1. Hi i found this on pin but when i have come on site to get instructions on how to remove blackhead with egg white i cannot find any could you help me would like to try this

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