Double Sugar Scrub Cubes with Honey

I am a big believer in handmade gifts. Especially this time of year. And I think we appreciate anything handmade. Especially smelly good lotions and scrubs and other fun bath products, that we would never go out to purchase for ourselves. Or am I the only one here? So, when I came across a recipe that melds a sugar scrub and soap together I about fell out of my chair. I bring you a wonderfully fun (and easy) handmade gift: Double Sugar Scrub Cubes with Honey!

Now just a few weeks ago I posted a new obsession of mine, Melt & Pour Soap, with all it’s ease and custom-ability. I made a Mediterranean Sea Salt & Honey Soap that got a lot of attention. And my most popular Sisterhood Saturdaypost is a Vanilla & Brown Sugar Scrub. I think these Sugar Scrub Cubes have now became my favorite!

A quick reminder of how easy Melt & Pour Soap is to work with.

Now here is the important part when making a Scrub Cube as opposed to a sugar scrub or a soap. The ratio is as follows:

  • 1 part Melt & Pour Soap
  • 1 part Oil
  • 3 parts Sugar

Think about additives too. Dried herbs, seeds, essential oils or colorants. I always add a few drops of Vitamin E because it works as a preservative. Plus your skin loves it.

For my recipe, I chose a glycerin soap with added pure honey, and used 2 parts white sugar to 1 part brown. For the oil, I chose coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature and needs just a quick zap in the microwave to melt.

Once melted, add the coconut oil to the melted soap and drop in the vitamin E. Then slowly pour in the sugar.

Quickly stir to combine the soap and sugars. As the soap cools, it becomes harder to stir. Make sure your hands are clean because you might need to dive in to get it all incorporated. Look at it this way, you’ll be the first to try your product!

Once mixed, add to a mold. I used a glass 9×13 pan and patted it down. Set it and forget it! (I hope that’s not trademarked)

Check for it, to be completely cooled, by touching the bottom of the pan with your hand. If it’s cold you are ready to cut! I slid a kitchen knife around the edge then quickly flipped it over onto a cutting board.

I liked the thought of a ‘scrub cube’ but think outside the cube too! Cookie cutters in pretty shapes would be fun, or a melon baler for little scrubby balls. Whoa. Sorry, I think all the Christmas sweets laying around is getting to me.

If making plain old cubes, cut into strips then into cubes. Cut a quick end off and try it out. I kept mine fairly small for a couple of reasons. If wanting to scrub only your hands one cube is a one time use. Or, when using in the shower for an all over scrub then several would be needed.

These are about 1″ square cubes. Don’t they just look good enough to eat? Another thing I love about these cubes, is that unlike a sugar scrub where you dip your hand into it dirty, with the scrub cubes you can grab what you need, without totally contaminating the whole jar (am I the only one who gets contaminated hands?).

For packaging, why not use a Mason Jar! I used a white cupcake liner and screwed the lid down over it, but think about all the festive ones you can find now for the holidays.

Let’s hear it for all the handmade gifts out there and spread some Christmas cheer! Did I just rhyme? Oh my gosh no more fudge for me!

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