Drinking More Water for Beauty Benefits


Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about Tips on Drinking More Water for Beauty Benefits. Take it from an esthetician, drinking water is your BEST FRIEND if you want beautiful skin. Sometimes we forget to drink water, though. Additionally, some of us don’t really like water. As a woman with skin prone to dehydration, I have struggled with drinking more water. I get too lazy to do it. Or prefer drinking other beverages. But, I’ve mastered a few secret tips that have helped me with drinking more water.

Did you know water is great for your skin? In beauty school, I learned drinking water benefits the skin in several ways. For example:

  1. It flushes out toxins from the body. Toxins which would otherwise end up congesting our pores, among doing other damage.
  2. When our cells have enough water, they are lush, plump and healthy. This helps create that glowing radiant skin everyone is crazy about nowadays.
  3. If you don’t drink enough water or put it on your skin, your skin can end up looking like crepe paper, or flakey
  4. You just feel better when you drink more water. It will help you look and feel beautiful.

Tips on Drinking More Water for Beauty Benefits
Now that you know the benefits, here are the tips!
Drink Water First Thing in the Morning. Have you ever heard that a symptom of dehydration is sluggishness? If you’ve slept well all night and still feel exhausted/yucky when you wake up, have a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Think about it, you haven’t drank water in about 8 hours! Your body must be dehydrated. Don’t contribute to your dehydration more with coffee! Opt for water instead.

Carry Around a Cute Water Bottle. Make sure its cute enough that you WANT it to be your accessory. And make sure its big enough where you don’t have to constantly refill it.

Do you know how many ounces of water you’re supposed to drink a day? According to my Milday Standard Text Esthetics Text Book (where I learned the basics in beauty school), you take your weight and divide it in half. For example, I weigh about 105 lbs last I checked. Half of 105 is about 53 ounces of water I should drink a day. Close to that 8 glasses a day golden rule right?

Try to replace beverages you’d normally drink with water. For instance, if you normally drink coffee, beer, soda, tea or sugary fruit juice with breakfast, lunch or dinner, replace your beverage with water. Chances are you’ll cut calories that way too. Its healthier, and cheaper when you eat out. *Bonus Tip: While you’re transitioning, have water WITH your usual drink of choice.

Add lemon and cucumbers, or strawberries, or fresh mint leaves to your water. The lemon and cucumbers make your water taste refreshing, like you’re at a spa. Strawberry water is sweet, if you have a sweet tooth. And water with fresh mint leaves helps make your breath smell fresh! These tasty water enhancers are a sure way to get you drinking more water. You’ll have clear, radiant skin in no time! No time to cut up lemon to add to your water? Try adding DoTerra lemon oil to your bottle of water.

There you have it! Tips on Drinking More Water for Beauty Benefits. Now that you know the benefits of water for your beauty health, AND how to start drinking more, aren’t you excited to start? Let me know if these tips work for you or not in the comments; or share your favorite tips  As always, thanks for reading. Until next time! Stay Beautiful.

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