Dry Skin: Professional Tips and with video

Dry skin? Oily skin? Sensitive? Acne? What’s your skin type?  Today’s post is all about DRY SKIN. I think most of us have encountered dry skin at one time or another. What you may or may not know is that there are TWO types of dry skin! Have no fear, because I plan on shedding light on both types for you today.

Pro Tips for Dry Skin
So, one skin type is called dry because it lacks water. We call this skin type dehydrated. The next lacks oil and it is called alapidic. For the record, even oily or acneic skin can be dehydrated. Both alapidic and dehydrated skin often feels tight, especially after cleansing. To avoid confusion, I will refer to skin lacking water as dehydrated, and skin lacking oil as dry.

Here’s what your daily skincare routine should look like for both:
Use a cream cleanser.
Try to use a hydrating toner with rose water, aloe and other moisturizing botanicals. Avoid astringents.
Use serum and a moisturizer, made for dehydrated skin.
Exfoliate once a week to remove dead dry skin cells.
Use a gel mask to put necessary water back into the skin.

Use a cream cleanser or even a cleansing cream to clean your face.
Again, use a toner similar to the kind I recommended for dehydrated skin. Every other day, you can skip toner (to avoid stripping your skin of necessary oils) and tone with cold water instead.
Moisturizer with a thick very humectant moisturizer to feed your skin the necessary oils it needs.
Exfoliate once a week to clear any dead cell build-up which can make the face look dull.
You can make an at-home honey mask to moisturize your skin.

Watch my interview with TaCalista on professional beauty tips:

Thanks for reading! Stay beautiful.

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