Do you dye your hair alone? Tricks and tips for a perfect color!

For various reasons, many women choose to dye their hair at home. For the result to be the one you want, we help you with some tips regarding the color, the application, and also the maintenance. Do you want a richer, brighter, and more appealing hair color? Give up the Uniform colors in favor of those which combine several natural tones.

Natural is beautiful
One thing is sure: natural color the one that fits us best. Besides this shade, depending on the color of the skin, hair, and eyes, there are other tones that can give you an interesting look. The secret is that the chosen color should look like your original natural color.
On counseling, stylists suggest choosing your color three shades darker or lighter. Dyeing should not be considered a radical change of look, but rather an improvement of the current image.

Combined shades
Choose a color that creates multiple shades and reflexes, especially in sunlight. These are the nuances that give the impression of thicker hair and combine several similar shades – darker with lighter, are more interesting.

Color maintenance
Once obtained, the color needs to be emphasized by a brightening effect. Use products specifically designed for colored hair, which prevents discoloration, keep brightness and moisturizes optimally using the drier on the lower heat button (Some devices even have a special button for cold), and apply regularly natural masks to maintain the luster as long as possible.

Natural mask for color maintenance
Natural ingredients are ideal for keeping the hue, for extra shine and depth hair hydration. Once a week, make yourself a mask of honey, one egg, and a little linseed oil. Mix the ingredients and spread the obtained composition from the roots to the tips. Leave it on the hair for 30 minutes, and then wash your hair, normally.


To intensify the shade of blond hair, rinse your hair with some champagne. Dry it for 5 minutes with the hairdryer and you’ll notice that it’s brighter.

Choose Shades that you can care at home.

The chosen color must look good on you even when you don’t wear makeup.

Avoid the colors opposite to your natural shade.

Don’t use uniform shades that are too strident and make your hair look artificial.

No natural hair color is perfectly uniform, is made up of a lot of close tones.

Opt for darker and lighter, strands because it gives a natural appearance Also, lighter strands look sensational when are discrete and in perfect harmony with your hair.

Do you dye your hair alone Tricks and tips for a perfect color

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