Every Woman must know these 10 Lipstick Rules!

Every lady is dreaming of full and sensual lips that have the right color and that are able to express their sex-appeal and femininity. Getting the right pout and color for your lips is not an easy task, if you don`t know how to correctly enhance the beauty of your lips. However, if you respect the following 10 lipstick rules that every woman must know, you will definitely be able to bring out the best of your sexy lips. These steps are easy, but important to get familiar with and then to apply in a lady’s everyday life!

1. Exfoliation
You need to treat your lips just like you maximally take care of your entire face. The exfoliation of your lips is possible to do by using a moisturizing lip balm. You need to practice this exfoliation and moisturizing on a daily basis.

2. Keep your make-up at the minimum!
Almost every girl knows that make-up artists recommend highlighting only one feature of your face. If you want to obtain the perfect balance at the end of your make-up ritual, it is advised to keep make-up at the minimum. This rule is applicable if the feature you want to highlight is your lips. When you highlight your lips, you don`t have to do the same with your eyelids or eyebrows. Remember that if you highlight every feature of your face, it is more likely that you`ll end up with a horrible mask on your face.

3. Avoid too much sparkle!
According to make-up artist Troy, shimmer can look cheap. It is better to choose creamy lipsticks. The make-up artist adds that light reflection should come from moisture in the formula, not metallic pigments. The truth is that lip sparkle fits with occasions and certain events, but too much sparkle should always be avoided because that`s not attractive. If you want to add a little sparkle to your occasional make-up, you may apply a thin layer of transparent sparkle on your lips. On the contrary, for regular days, a creamy lipstick with the right color should do the job.

4. The right color
It is very important to find the right shade of lipstick. Different colors look differently with various outfits, and if you haven’t found the best one yet, you should do a real color investigation. Use as many shades as you can, until you find your best fit. It is ideal to choose a shade that fits the tone of your facial skin. Warm skin tones look great with burgundy or red lipsticks, while fair skin types can be perfectly completed with the shades of pink.

5. Using a primer
Before applying the lipstick, you must use a primer. The primer will provide better color contrast for the lipstick, while it will also help the lipstick to last longer. If you’ve just ran out of primer or don`t use primer at all, you can opt for foundation as an alternative.

6. Lip liner
It is often said that a lip liner can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In terms of obtaining the perfect pout, the lip liner plays a significant role. You only need to find the right lip liner that fits the color of your lips. You can make your lips look thinner or fuller with a lip liner. Choosing a too dark lip liner compared to the color of your lips is one of the biggest make-up disasters.

7. Start with the middle of your lips!
You always start applying every product on your lips from the middle to sideways. Expert make-up artists always use lip brushes when applying lipstick because this item reduces chances to mistakes, compared to applying the lipstick directly from the tube.

8. Soften the edges!
Softening the edges of your lips is important because you avoid the effects of overly-done looking lips and obtain their natural look instead.

9. Blot
Once you’ve applied one layer of the lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and then apply another layer of lipstick. Blotting helps to remove the emollients and excess oils from the first layer of the lipstick, while it leaves the pigments very intact. Troy says that blotting will create a base, and the second coat adds shine and coverage.

10. Washing off the lipstick
Before going to sleep, it’s a must to remove lipstick from your lips, otherwise you will end up with lipstick on your pillow, pajama and bed. Once you’ve washed off the lipstick, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips.

Lipstick Rules

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