Eye Brows: Waxing VS Threading and Makeup


Eye Brows: Waxing VS Threading

Waxing and threading are both excellent methods of hair removal. When done by a professional, both methods will remove hair from the root.
Waxing is great because you will remove a lot of hair at once. It works for soft of coarse hair. It also exfoliates the skin, leaving it feeling smooth. However, anyone who uses vitamin A, retinal cream, bleaching creams, or gets microdermabrasion, or skin peels should not wax! These products and treatments make the skin thinner, and more sensitive to wax. In fact, it can BURN off the top layer if your skin. Ouch! This burn is referred to as lifting. Lifting can severely damage the skin.

Threading is the art of looping a string around a hair follicle or hair follicles, to remove them from the root. Threading is best done on clean skin. You should also always put toner on your skin afterwards, to close the pores. Waxing and threading open the pores very much. So in addition to toning your skin, you should not touch your skin the rest of the day. Touching your skin can transfer oils and dirt from the hands, thus clogging the pores.

Eye Brows: Makeup

When it comes to eyebrow makeup, less is more. I recommend using a pencil to define the bottom of the brow. Then, blend up with a brush. That should be enough for a natural brow. If you want a bolder brow, smudge brow powder over the pencil. Then blend some more.

There you have it! Some professional tips on eyebrows. Enjoy!

Watch my video tutorial here:

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