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Today I’m going to share an insider eyebrow expert secret with you: it’s… eyebrow tinting! Eyebrow tinting is an amazing service that results in beautiful brows. Basically, a licensed professional applies a tint made especially for eyebrows. The result? Gorgeous brows that won’t need to be filled in! This service is great for women with extremely blonde eyebrows, grays in the brows, sparse eyebrows, or women going on a vacation.

Before, During, and After

Eyebrow Tinting Benefits

For blondes, eyebrow tinting will help mend the appearance of a washed-out face. Understandably, some blondes are afraid of brow pencils or powders because they may look too harsh. Eyebrow tinting is a great, easy alternative. The right professional will apply just enough (not too much and not too dark!) tint to the brows so they have a slight color to them. Blondes can go as dark as their roots for eyebrows.

For women and men with grays, eyebrow tinting will totally mask those gray hairs! Or, as I like to call the silver-blonde hairs. 😉 This looks much more natural than a pencil or powder. Eyebrow tinting camouflages grays a little better than a powder or pencil will, too.

For those with sparse or thin brows, eyebrow tinting will lightly stain the skin to make eyebrows appear fuller. Remember, makeup, hair, and the rest of the beauty industry is all about optical illusions! Eyebrow tinting is definitely one of my favorite optical illusions. Imagine waking up with beautiful eyebrows every morning?
For those of you lucky women planning on going on a tropical vacation, eyebrow tinting is a must!! Why risk sweating or swimming off beautifully filled in eyebrows? Instead, see your favorite eyebrow expert and have them tint you. This will ensure your eyebrows stay put for the duration of your trip. It’s definitely a much less serious commitment than an eyebrow tattoo (and less scary in my opinion!).

There are so many options for eyebrow tinting. Whether you’re blonde, red-headed, brunette, or silver-blonde; whether your younger or older, fair-skinned or deeper-skinned, there’s an eyebrow expert who has the tint that’s perfect for you. Would you ever tint your eyebrows? If your in the LA area, you can see the pros at Her Eyes Bar! I promise, it’ll make a world of difference. As always, thanks for reading! Until next time! 😉

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