False Eyelashes: Professional Advice


False Eyelashes frame the windows to the soul. A flutter or wink of the lashes can charm, or seduce. Dark, full, voluptuous lashes can add mystery to the eyes. And long lashes can make the eyes look bigger. Yes, lashes are a uniquely feminine trait that should not be taken lightly. Even the most low maintenance women I know will not leave the house without a little mascara. Who would have guessed at tiny detail like lashes would be such a big deal? And if you’re not blessed with lashes that go for miles? What then? Do not fear, dear reader! For with SO many options out there–strip lashes, flare lashes, and individual extensions–something out there will suit you. And even if you have naturally bomb lashes, a gal can always play up her best feature right? ;) Here are some important tips when it comes to choosing different types of fakes lashes:


The Most popular of the different types of fake lashes: Strip lashes are lashes on a thick strip. The entire strip is applied to the eyeline to make your real lashes appear fuller, longer, or both. They are the most temporary kind of lashes available. They are not meant to be and should never be slept in. Think of them like thin, nude pantyhose. They make your legs look naturally awesome. You can wear them a couple of times, but they wear and tear pretty quickly. Same with strip lashes. Of course, with proper maintenance, you can re-use them again and again. But they definitely won’t last forever! However, since they ARE temporary and since they come in SO many varieties and since they’re SO easy to get a hold of, they’re great to experiment and have fun with! Think about it. If you and try them and don’t like them, big deal. You can take them off and try another pair. After all, they’re only a couple bucks; it won’t put too much of a dent in your pocket. Just remember, when it IS time to take them off, be gentle! Don’t rip them off!! You risk damaging your natural lashes! I always prefer to soak two cotton pads with my favorite makeup remover, apply them to my eyes for a few moments, and slowly rub down and out. This should weaken the adhesive on your lashes so they come off easily.

Flare lashes are a little more natural looking than the strip lashes and last longer too–about a whole weekend rather than just one night. There are usually about three lashes to a bulb and are applied throughout the eyeline. A fair warning, be careful where you get these applied! Some places will glue them to the skin and that’s a big no-no. You want these to be applied on top of your real lashes, so that your real lashes support them. I recommend visiting your friendly neighborhood Brow Bar . The benebabes there are all licenced and experienced. It’s pretty tedious applying these, so why not leave it to a professional? ;)

And finally…drum roll please?

This is the art where a highly trained licenced professional applies ONE synthetic mink hair to ONE of your lashes. These individual synthetic mink hairs come in SO many varieties, a talented technician can customize a look perfect for you! The process isn’t as quick as the first two I mentioned and is a little more permanent. In fact, they will last about as long as an acrylic set of nails, 2-4 weeks. Again, research research research! You want the best looking and safest lashes around, don’t you? I highly highly recommend you check out Her Eyes Bar

This salon is AWESOME!! The staff is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and patient. They educate their clients and use formaldehyde free glue. A super plus!! And while you’re undergoing your treatment, they protect your eyes with these collagen eye pads. So your eyes are safe, and fight aging! Double win! ;)
First time getting extensions?
This, of course, barely scratches the surface of the different types of false eyelashes. I hope I shed some light on the subject, and I hope the resources I provide you with help as well. What’s you’re favorite type of fake eyelash? I’d love to read all about it in the comments! Do you prefer natural lashes? Until next time. Stay beautiful!

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