Fast Eye Makeup Tips & Fixes

Make-up artists know all the secrets for a perfect look – these are small tricks that you can steal only if you live in the beauty industry 24 hours out of 24, seven days a week, as they do. Fortunately, many times they are as generous as talented and they share with us their knowledge. Some of the best makeup artists shared with us the most interesting tricks. Read on to see which are those.

1. Keep sebum excess under control
Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman always has in her purse blotter. But in addition she has a less common method to get rid of oily skin. If you believe it or not, she said, sometimes I apply deodorant on my fingers and then dab the T and the Eye zone to get a dull complexion.

2. Mix your foundation with moisturizer or aloe
Add aloe to your foundation. This will give a creamy consistent, said Bertt Freedman, makeup artist who helped women like Vanessa Hudgens or Leighton Meester to look fabulous. Upgrade your skin,, by adding a little aloe in in before apply it, ” she explained. ,, Also you can use aloe when the face is clean, and when you think it’s dull, apply a little foundation. You will be perfect on summer days! ”

3.Turn a regular eyeliner pencil into a gel pen.
Heat the tip of your regular eyeliner using a lighter or candle light. Let it cool 15 seconds, then apply. It will last longer and have a deeper effect.

4. If you want your scent to last apply it in the following areas:
Behind the ear
The neck
Behind the knees
The wrist of the arm and forearm

5. Flawless
Hide minor imperfections using concealer. “Use it under the eyes, on the forehead and then lost center towards the bridge of the nose, around the lips (including under the bottom one). Finish the make-up using a fine powder using a cotton pad by tapping the area using circular motions until the skin feel smooth. ”

6.Defined eyeshadow
For eye makeup to withstand all day long use a waterproof eyeliner, as close to the lash line as possible, slightly exceeding the outer corners of the eyelids. “Blur it gently with a cotton swab and apply the same shade to set the color.”

Fast Eye Makeup Tips & Fixes

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