How to Fix Destroyed Eyebrows

After a long period of time in which thin eyebrows have been trendy, in the most recent years thick ones just got back in fashion, thanks to numerous sexy, natural and famous celebs out there who have some beautiful eyebrows. However, for obtaining the perfect eyebrows, a lot of women opt for different types of treatments and tricks that rather destroy the eyebrows, by raring them excessively or destroying their natural form.

Are you one of the concerned women dealing with destroyed eyebrows? It is indeed true that this problem represents a real nightmare for a high number of ladies and women who were in such a big hurry to arrange their eyebrows, but without listening to the recommendations of an expert or a cosmetician. No matter what the cause of destroying your eyebrows is (because there are a lot of them out there), you need to understand that destroying them partially or totally is very easy.

Cosmeticians come up with the best advice to help you fix your destroyed eyebrows. Before becoming familiar with it, the most important thing is that everyone needs to understand that this process of repairing your eyebrows will ask for a certain period of time – therefore you will need both time and patience. Even if you will choose any other treatments outside the ones described in this article, all of them are durable and require a lot of patience and perseverance from your side.

If the destroyed area of your eyebrows is actually their shape, because you removed too many of it incorrectly, the first step is to let it grow back. An eyebrow gets regenerated in approximately 3 months, while it undergoes more stages of growth. Every 3 weeks it goes through different cycles.

The second step is to opt for the help of a specialist in eyebrows, who can give back their aspect, and the best possible result. Unfortunately, the cosmetics school doesn’t provide the necessary knowledge for professional eyebrow care; this is the reason why the best thing is to opt for a professional with references.

In case that your eyebrows have been partially destroyed and they don’t have the natural capacity to get regenerated, there are more options to choose from:

  1. We choose and follow an efficient eyebrow regenerating treatment that can re-fortify the remaining follicles (there could be some follicles that are much weakened and they don’t have the temporary capacity to form hair).
  2. We opt for micro pigmentation.
  3. We use eye shadows or special crayons that enable you to draw your eyebrows day by day, in perfect harmony with the rest of your face.
  4. We opt for false eyebrows.
  5. We assume a form of our eyebrows that we currently have, we wear it for months or even years and over time, we probably get the chance to enrich them.

As we can see, none of the eyebrow fixing and regenerating methods are too pleasant. They are indeed efficient but it will take so long time to get back your beautiful eyebrows. This is the reason why you must do your best to avoid destroying your eyebrows at any cost!

How to Fix Destroyed Eyebrows

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