Flawless skin in 3 steps

Beautiful legs – without question, that is what women want. For that dream to become reality, their care should not be a concern this season. Moreover, autumn is the ideal time to treat unsolved problems from the summer. The most common problem is dry skin cosmetics and feet are an affected area.

Experts say that the legs (as the hands, arms or abdomen) are more likely to develop spots or dryness sometimes accompanied by itching.

No problem. 1 – Dehydration and dry skin

Pronounced dehydration is rarely a signs of disease; it is rather a sign of poor care. Responsible are several factors: the constant use of a bad soap, lack of moisture and hot and long showers. A important role has sun exposure which if it is too long, your beautiful legs can turn into a disappointment. In extremis, feet skin dehydration can lead to inflammation and eczema appearance.

Solution: moisturize with a body butter

If you have dry skin on your feet, do not neglect the problem, because it can progress rapidly. The solution to regain some beautiful feet is simple: hydrate the skin every day, at least twice a day. On autumn can use a body butter that is greasy and nourishes better. Apply the cream immediately after you showered, on wet skin. When you take a shower, do not stay more than 15 minutes in the bathroom, to help your skin maintain the moisture. Avoid harsh soaps, especially those very fragrant, that excessively dry skin.

Bruises and varicose veins

Cover them with a concealer in the same shade of your skin Try Skin Radiance Booster Pen Flash from Dior. It contains particles that capture light making your skin bright. When you have to cover a larger area such as varicose veins is recommended to use concealer like makeup airbrush spray. The pigment in the skin of the legs varies more than that of the face, so the rule to choose a foundation in the same shade as your face skin does not apply. When the area you want to cover is small use something with dense and rich consistency. Apply it with a brush, smoothing the edges with a sponge and apply translucent powder over it.

On the market you can also find body and leg cover that should be applied on clean and very well hydrated skin, because the make-up will look better and stay longer. Simply apply it all over the problem area making sure that no problem zone remains uncovered. If you want to apply more than one layer let them dry. Now all that is left to do is to set the make-up with a setting powder who has a mattyfying function and which will help your make-up to stay longer.

Once you apply the make-up you are ready to wear what you want, because your skin looks flawless. My advice is that no matter what problems you have you should accept and love yourself. Nothing is sexier than a confident and charismatic woman.

Flawless Skin In 3 Steps


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