Frequently Made, Bra Mistakes to Avoid

It is proven that approximately 80% of females, unfortunately, can’t choose the right bra. Most of the women need to face problems when it comes to fitting their bras with outfits. However, we need to admit that it is almost impossible to find the perfect bra that suits your look. On the contrary side, it is definitely an uncomfortable feeling when your bra is not suitable for your outfit. The wrong sized bra limits outfit options, while the right sizes can perfectly match your outfit and even make you look better.

Here are several useful tips that will definitely ease your task, when you have to purchase a bra for yourself next time. It is important to understand the way you should take care of this item in your wardrobe.

1. The band: what lets you know if everything is fine with your bra is actually the band. This band should never lift your back and should stay horizontally with your back. However, if it is the case (the band is not horizontal), you should try a smaller bra size. At the same time, the band needs not to be too tight. It is important to keep in mind that the band size will decrease by approximately 3 inches over time and that it becomes a stretcher. Therefore, purchasing bras with bigger bands is useless.

2. Don’t wear too tight bras: bra bulge is an ugly thing that becomes best visible under the arms or on the back. This is possible because of too-tight bras. However, for avoiding a fatty-looking back, switching bra sizes is not always the right solution. Is there anything else you could do? Yes, you can actually opt for a bra with firmer fabric, power-net wings and that’s wider under the arms and on the back. This technique will definitely help you to get rid of bra bulge forever.

3. Cup size is also important! The center of the bra should perfectly fit your chest – this is the golden rule! Practically, your breasts should look perfect, no matter if we’re looking at the bra from the top or sideways. If your breasts don’t look well in the bra, it means you didn’t choose the right cup size. It’s wrong wearing both too tight and too stretch bras. The main thing to keep in mind is that the right cup size is the one in which there is no space between your breasts and the cups – your breasts are perfectly filling the bra.

4. The outline of your bra: if some time ago the outline of your bra was trendy to be visible, nowadays this means something embarrassing or unattractive. The outline of your bra becomes visible when you choose a too big size, meaning that you didn’t match your bra with your outfit the right way. However, if you’re sure that your bra size is the right one, it is ideal to choose a non-embroidered item. Such models will make you feel more confident about your whole outfit because these don’t show through.

5. Fitting the right bra according to your outfit: it is important to choose the right bra according to your outfit, with a certain neckline. For example, if you’ll choose an evening dress that lets your back visible, your bra straps should definitely disappear. Fortunately, there is a wide range of bra models that can be perfectly matched with backless evening gowns. However, if you choose a different outfit that is not necessarily occasional but still requires your straps to be hidden, you may opt for bras with silicon adhesive or transparent straps. A push-up bra is a perfect choice for stretch tops. Bras with adjustable straps can be matched with a large variety of outfits.

6. Bra as a part of your outfit, not lingerie: if you wear your bras as part of your outfit, you need to be very careful so you won’t look too vulgar or too sexy. However, if you know what the outfits are which allow you to use your bras as part of your outfits you will end up with an unforgettable and seductive look!

It is a wise thing to save as much money as possible on certain purchases, but this is not the case with your bra. These are some of the most important items of your everyday outfits. If you want to buy only high-quality, good looking and comfortable bras it is important that you WILL invest your time and money. This is how you can say goodbye to future regrets forever!

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