Fuller Lips without Surgery

All the girls in the last time wants fuller lips, more big, more fuller. Most of them have recourse to plastic surgery, injection with hyaluronic acid or even Botox. I can tell you that you don’t need that kind of measures, you only have to know some tricks of make-up. I will tell you my trick, the one that I use almost every time when I go out with my friends and I want to have a dramatic look that will turn all the eyes on me.

To really see the difference of my natural lips and the make up lips, I used a purple lip liner and a pink lipstick.

Here are the steps :

  1. Use a moisturing cream on your face and lips. ( image 1 )
  2. Apply on your lips foundation. ( image 2 )
  3. Contour your lips with a purple lipliner and use more of it in the corners of your mouth. In this way you will fill more your lips and not only to contour them . ( image 3 )
  4. Apply the pink lipstick in the middle of your lips, up and down, and then massage them. If your lipstick is not very glossy, you can use at the end of the steps and a transparent lip gloss.( image 4 )

Of course, you can use all kind of colors of your lipliner and lipstick, the important thing is to be similar shades.

Fuller Lips without Surgery trick

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