Get A Flawless Skin Free Of Razor Bumps Within A Week

Razor bumps which are commonly known as ‘ingrown hairs’ are the strands of hair that curls back inside and starts to grow into the skin. These irritated, red bumps on the skin are usually caused because of shaving. No matter who you are ingrown hairs are common to everyone irrespective of gender and age.

Sometimes the bumps are really painful because of the hair follicle growing inside and unable to pierce through the skin. Not only that, but severe razor bumps can also turn into infections and cause a painful boil-like sore on your skin. And the worst part is you can get razor bumps anywhere in your body even on your face. It not only makes your skin look full of boils and bumps but it causes a lot of irritation as well.

How to Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs?

The problem of ingrown hair is something that we all want to get rid of. And therefore, we try out every possible way in order to prevent it. Now, treating ingrown hairs with artificial methods can worsen the situation. It is because the products may contain harmful chemicals that may not be good for your skin. Therefore, you can avoid taking such risk by opting for the homemade solution which is 100% effective and as well as harmless. All you need is a little bit of baking soda, and you are all set to roll. This homemade treatment is effective for both men and women. And, unlike artificial treatments, you don’t have to spend much to get your bump-free skin back.

Homemade Solution to Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Baking soda proves to be very effective when it comes to getting flawless skin free of razor bumps. It is because baking soda has anti-inflammatory properties which have a very soothing effect on the skin. Not only that but, baking soda also exfoliates your skin and helps reduce the redness and itchiness caused by ingrown hairs. All you have to do is just follow the below-given instructions and get smooth skin within a week.


  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Ground Oatmeal


  1. First, prepare a paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of water. Mix them well.
  2. Then, gently dab it on the affected area of your skin with the help of a cotton ball.
  3. Leave the paste to dry for at least five minutes. Use cold water to rinse it off.
  4. Now, prepare a homemade scrub by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ground oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of water.
  5. Mix them well to turn it into a thick paste.
  6. Apply the paste on the skin and let it dry for at least five minutes.
  7. Use lukewarm water to wash it off.

To get better results, apply this remedy twice daily, and you will be able to see the difference in less than a week’s time.

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