Get Natural Looking Curls Using Bobby Pins

Get Natural Looking Curls Using Bobby Pins

How to Curl :
Step 1 : Wash your hair. Whether you start with wet or dry hair will depend on the curling method you use, but clean hair will always curl best.
Step 2 : Twist strands of your hair (the thicker the strand, the looser the curl) until you can even see the twisting at the roots.
Step 3 : Wrap the strand around (on your scalp) into a little circle, then pin it down with 2 bobby pins, criss-crossing each other. You do not have to wrap it into little buns. Just find a way to pin it to your head while keeping it twisted.
Step 4 : Repeat for all your hair. You’ll end up with many tiny little twists.
Step 5 : Sleep on it. It may help to wear a bandanna so that the buns don’t come undone. In the morning, undo all of them and finger tousle very well.

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