Get rid correctly of blackheads with oatmeal

Having blackheads is a problem that many women face when it comes to their complex’s healthy and good looking aspect, and because healthy is involved, it is a serious problem which is caused, mostly, by some extra quantities of sebum trapped in the pores.

That is why, before you should prepare or buy a treatment firstly, you may consider using a scrub or another recipe for exfoliation.

And that is because, in your problem, the pores and their cleanse, is involved. Exfoliation is an important element in anything that has to do with a clean and beautiful complex. And that is why you should use a scrub at least three times a week. Before applying the scrub (and speaking about scrubs, it is recommended to use a natural and homemade one, you may use honey and coffee or sugar, which are the best ingredients for this kind of problems; they are also cheap and you can buy it from almost any corner), you might have in mind to open your pores, and this process, when applied before using a treatment, it will increase its efficiency.

In order to open your pores, you can just wash your face with cold water, or, another way which is considered a better and efficient one, is to keep your face in front of a cup with any kind of tea (this might not be a secret anymore) and its steam will open up your pores and now you can go on with the treatment and the salvation of your problem with your complex.

Why can oatmeal help you with your problem?
Nowadays, when internet is full with articles written by people who have no position in giving people advices about a variety of problems, mostly providing false treatments and information, in the lack of knowledge and experience, which will not only have no efficiency or benefits for the readers, but will harm their healthy, you have to know why this treatment can solve your problem, by explaining what the ingredients are containing and how they act.

Oatmeal has many benefits and can be efficient in a large variety of problems, like: asthma, weight loss, a healthier immune system, diabetes, bad cholesterol. But also, regarding to skin problems, oatmeal is an important ingredient which can’t be absent from many scrubs, recipes or natural and homemade remedies. Here are the problems which it can solve: acne (it is absorbing the excess of oil from the pores and it is eliminating the dead cells), skin dryness (because it is containing polysaccharides, which is a remedy for itching, rashes, scales and peeling), skin moisturizer (because of its beta glucan content, which penetrates the skin), itchiness (it has been clinically proven that it is eliminating the itches, as well as the neurodermatitis, which is a disease characterized by itchy and flamed skin), lightening and whitening (there are many cosmetic products which are containing oatmeal, because it is improving the skin texture), cleanser (oats remove dirt and oil clogged on pores without irritation – which means the prevention of the blackhead’s appearing; leaving you a soft and silky skin).

Oatmeal and honey recipe for getting rid of blackheads:
-Mix 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and 4 tablespoons of any kind of honey
-Apply it and let it act for about 20 minutes
-Cleanse with warm cold water, in order to close your pores

Get rid correctly of blackheads with oatmeal

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