Get Rid of Dandruff Forever with the most Powerful Remedy

It is often said that royal jelly is the nature’s fountain of youth – actually, this is how it is known along history. The royal jelly is the exclusive and unique food of the bees’ queen that the bees can only benefit of during the first days of their existence, as larvae. Antique populations noticed the almost miraculous benefits of the mother bee milk and they used it on a regular basis as an aliment as well as for therapeutic purposes.

It has been used on the long run for slowing down aging and as a natural energy source. Recently, modern science started to share the historical mystery behind this amazing substance, as a source of health and longevity.

It is well-known that Egyptians, popular for their beauty secrets have been using royal jelly in their skin care treatments, in order to improve its vitality and aspect and to maintain it hydrated and protected, even in the worst conditions in the desert. It has been believed that mother bee milk maintains the body of the Pharaoh young and beautiful even in the world on the other side and they placed mother bee milk next to his body, along with his most precious gold objects and regal jewelries.

Mother bee milk has been recommended in natural medicine even as an emollient, because it is a nutritional and hydrating substance – this is why it is ideal for cosmetic purposes as well. Using royal jelly for the skin comes with numerous benefits, in the daily beauty and care routine as well as in accelerating the healing process of various skin affections. It has hydrating, nutritional, maintaining, calming and healing properties, thanks to its rich and precious composition. Mother bee milk is a natural substance that contains diverse nutritional ingredients, plant hormones and essential vitamins for the body. The main components of royal jelly is sugar, protein and lipids. It provides essential amino acids that are the basic ingredient of collagen which is indispensable for maintaining the firmness of your skin, by supporting its conjunctive tissue. A team of Japanese scientists discovered that mother bee milk helps to synthesize new collagen from the skin. Thanks to its capacity to help repair the tissues, it is considered that mother bee milk contributes to slow down the aging process, by improving the regeneration, texture and tonus of the skin, by straightening fine lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Royal jelly does wonder when it comes to hair and facial skin care. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and it diminishes the ones that already showed up. For eliminating dandruff, you will prepare a hair mask – you will need 2 grams of cruel royal jelly, 500 grams of cedar powder, 2 egg yolks and one teaspoon of freshly prepared lemon juice. Mix the ingredients in a clean bowl and then apply the obtained mask on your hair, starting with the roots towards the ending. Let it act for 15 minutes and then wash your hair like you regularly do. Repeat this treatment once every 10 days.

Get Rid of Dandruff Forever with the most Powerful Remedy

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