Green Eye Shadow

Green Eye Shadow


1. First fill the lids with a nude base colour.
2. Then with green eyeliner or thin brush, drow a line over crease towards the corner of your eye and connect.
3. Fill the corner in with darker green.
4. Sweep medium shade from the corner of the eye to the center and blend to create gradient effect.
5. Brush light blue onto the corner of the eye and blend into medium shade.
6. With a thin angled brush; apply black over the top of existing cat eye line. Blend into green at the edge.
7. Brush light blue onto the bottom lid, followed by medium green add black to the outer corner and sweep under the eye, into the center ares.
8. Add a touch of yellow to the center of eyelid. Line the lid with black eyeliner, continuing into tear duct.
9. Finich by adding two coats of mascara.

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