Grow your brows & lashes

If you’ve followed the trends in the last 5 years or so, you’ve probably realized that thick brows are back and here to stay for quite a while.

But what if you’ve been too much of a good friend with tweezers when you were in high school? Well, fortunately, not everything is lost and you can actually regrow them in 2 months or so.

That doesn’t seem such a long time, does it?

The first thing to do is, of course, to let them grow. That means you really need to put the tweezers aside (no, there’s absolutely nothing that will just make it pop at the right length so you will have to endure some time when your brows don’t look perfect). Now, of course, you are allowed to pick some hairs – the ones that grow very close to your eyelid and that you know for sure that are not part of your future brow, but try to stop at 3-4 hair, ok? Also, please don’t pick any hair that grows above your brows because these are actually the ones that allow you to get a beautiful and natural shape and will look good on you even when it’s not perfectly groomed.

Now that we’ve settled this and you have got used to the idea that spiky hairs will show for a short period of time, let’s get to what actually helps you grow the ones that have a very weak root. Castor oil is a classic that most of you already know about. Yet, it is not as effective as you’d imagine for brows. It is amazing for lashes though, and I’d really recommend it at night if you want stronger lashes, or if you feel they’ve been damaged by mascara or curlers. For brows, there’s another oil that works way better and for some reason, too few people talk about it. What I have in mind is avocado oil. This oil works better because, contrary from the castor oil, it is lighter and can be easily absorbed into the skin instead of suffocating it. Of course, you don’t apply it on its own. Rather make a mixture from: 2 drops avocado oil, one drop rosemary oil and one drop of almond oil. Apply this mixture on your brows (and massage it into the skin) in the evening and leave it overnight. This should enhance the hair grow on your brows, and in a few weeks you will be able to go to a good brow artist and get the perfect shape for your face.

Very important though: Don’t apply this mixture on your lashes because even if rosemary oil helps with weak roots of hair, it is very irritating for the eyes.

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