Hair Removal Alternative for Shaving and Waxing

The majority of women shave their legs regularly, wasting lots of time for this process. This is because the hair is back again and again. Even if shaving is a simple procedure, it is not the most convenient hair removal method. The products that are sold in pharmacies for this purpose contain often dangerous chemicals that are bad for skin. The depilatory creams are easy to apply and are needed just 10 minutes they to do their effect. But, they can damage the sensitive skin, or any kind of skin if they are left for more than 10 minutes on skin.

But using this “sugar paste depilation” method will help you get rid of the unwanted hair on the legs. This method is really simple and involves just three ingredients: lemon, sugar and water.

For its preparation, mix a quarter of cup of fresh lemon juice, a quarter of cup of water and two cups of sugar. Then, put this mixture in a pot and cook it for 4-5 minutes on high heat, until it becomes golden. When it is ready, move it to a bowl. It is recommended not to use glass in this case, or aluminum, because glass can crack and aluminum can react with the lemon juice. Let it cool a little bit, until the composition becomes similar to chewing gum and of a darker color. If it seems to you too solid, you can add a little bit of water to it. Wash your legs, or even exfoliate them before the main part of the procedure.

Apply the sugar paste on the dried skin. After this, pull the pieces of paste off your leg very quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth! This is a little bit painful, but it is not as much painful as waxing. Not all the hair will be removed from the first time. That is why, wait for a couple of days before repeating this procedure, no sooner, because it can irritate your skin. Finally, wash off the rest of the sugar paste and moisturize your skin. To reduce the redness, you can use jojoba or grapeseed oil.

After several sessions you will observe that your hair grows thinner and softer, until it completely disappears. And the skin will get used with this method, so it will not be so painful in future.

This technique of hair removal is inexpensive, yet effective. So, you can use the saved money for some more important things. Do not hesitate to apply on you this hair-removal method for smooth, hair-free skin and share the experience with your friends.

Hair Removal Alternative for Shaving and Waxing

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