Hairstyle mistakes that make you look 10 years older

You can apply all anti-aging skincare products, but when it comes to looks younger or older, the hair makes the difference. The hair is the first thing that people notice when they meet. And then hair color is one of the most effective anti-aging tools we have at hand. Platinum gray hair can be trimmed and youthful when is arranged correctly.

Instead, even shades of brown, blond or red hair can make you look older if the haircut is not adequate.

The haircut is too short
“If your hair is healthy and full, I see no reason to cut it, to cut it short just to make it closer to your age,” says Thom Priano, a hairstylist from Garren New York. A little length in the right area makes hair look softer and more “forgiving.” but if you cut it short, keep it slightly disheveled, uncombed. The haircut will be a modern one and hair easier to maintain without split ends.

The hair is too long
An excessive length can make your hair lack volume, and elongating your face shape also. The biggest enemy is long hair, formless. To keep a certain length, experts recommend an asymmetrical bob, which descends slightly below the collarbone. “Asymmetrical shapes distract attention from wrinkles,” said Paul Labrecque, a hairdresser salon in New York.

You are afraid of contrast
Specialist advice is to choose hair color similar to the skin tone. A little contrast can give your skin a healthy glow. Brightness gives a warm and youthful appearance. If your skin is too light, you can opt for some thin highlights in caramel shades.

The hair is too straight
If you have wavy or curly hair from nature, and you use hot tools to straighten it, you dry and damage your hair. If you have straight hair and a naturally fine hair, ask your stylist to cut the hair in layers and to add volume on wet hair with light foam. Avoid heavy styling creams or serums. You can also opt for soft curls, which adds a bit of volume.

Too dark shade
Shades of dark brown or black can make you look older. Black hair contrasted with very light skin makes the scalp more visible. In addition, a shade too dark compared to skin brings shadows on your face and accentuates wrinkles. Instead, you could light your shade with 2-3 tones using a permanent dye to color the ends. You can even opt for a warmer shade: if you have dark brown hair color, choose a chocolate shade.

Your fringe is too boyish
Bangs are another way to get out of the routine. Usually fringe makes you look younger if chosen carefully. Ask the expert that bangs you favor, because the thinned one can make you look older. Opt for a fringe one side. Try to avoid bangs if you have a stubborn or swirling loop.

Wash your hair too often
Indeed, freshly washed hair is healthy and beautiful. But with age, hair loses its shine and vitality and excessive brushing might makes more harm. If you usually wash your hair every day, hairstylists recommend you should take a daybreak, so necessary for hair to “breathe”. And to add “health”, rinse your hair with cold water at the end.

Ponytail reveals your imperfections
Catching hair back in a ponytail it might make you look younger for now, but this style draws also attention to every wrinkle and imperfection on the face. Wear hair back, but let a few strands on the face.

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