Healthy Homemade Shampoo

Yesterday I shared with you how I make my own dark-haired dry shampoo. I pair that with my homemade shampoo and my hair has never felt better! Even the lady who cuts my hair noticed the change when I switched from store-bought shampoo to making my own.

I’ve seen recipes out there for baking soda and/or castille soap “no-poo”s, but was skeptical. Baking soda is extremely alkaline while your scalp’s pH is more around the neutral point (I know…chemistry nerd) and castille soap can react with your hairs natural oils and leave a filmy residue behind. So I looked around and found a few alternative recipes. I modified and tested several until I found a combination I liked best.

Use 1 can of coconut milk with 1 3/4 cups aloe gel. Then fragrance to preference!

The reason you need to freeze the mixture is because the coconut milk and aloe combined increases the affinity for mold and spoiling. Refrigeration will increase the life span by a little, but if you want to make a large batch like I did, you have to freeze it. Otherwise, scale down the recipe based on what you use in a week and just be sure to at least refrigerate that smaller portion between washes.

I then take out about a week’s worth of my little cubes and put them in a small spray bottle to thaw. I keep that bottle in the refrigerator when I’m not using it. Using a spray bottle really the best way to apply this shampoo anyway – it really lets you get to the roots and hit all the layers.

The best part about this shampoo is the price. Here’s my breakdown:

Coconut Milk – $3.00-$8.00/can
Aloe Vera Gel – $10.00/32 oz (you will need about half the bottle per batch)
Fragrance – $18.00 for 10mL (this amount will last 20 batches! 10 mL is ~200 drops. I use about 10 per batch. That means you spend less than $1.00 per batch on fragrances)

Total Price per Batch: $9-$14 and One batch lasts 4 month, at least for me. And I have very dense hair. If your hair is thinner, you can expect the batch to last longer. If you have dense hair but longer than mine, you may need more. You really only need the shampoo on your roots though so this shouldn’t matter.

How to use:
Just some basic tips on how to use this formula

  1. spray only the roots.
  2. but spray ALL the roots!
  3. it helps to section hair first, then spray
  4. put on first thing in the shower and rinse it out last. do all your other shower things in between.
  5. rinse out COMPLETELY! any left behind will make hair feel…kind of off
  6. REFRIGERATE bottle when you’re done showering! This is very important! Unless you enjoy spraying mold in your hair, in which case, don’t refrigerate.
Healthy Homemade Shampoo
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