Healthy Snacks to Grow Your Hair Long


Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about Healthy Snacks To Grow Your Hair Long. As you all know from my various posts on how to grow your hair longer and faster, I will try almost anything to grow my hair out! I’ve been growing out a pixie cut since 2016. My hair is naturally thin, frizzy, wavy, limp, dry and dull. In the process of growing it out, I also try my best to keep it healthy and beautiful. What’s the point of having long hair if its not healthy or shiny? I want my hair to be moisturized and full of bounce. And I want to prevent split ends as much as possible! So I came up with Healthy Snacks To Grow Your Hair Long. I mean, I put crazy masks to feed my scalp and hair–which is great. But I decided, if I can out these kitchen ingredients on my head, why not put them in my body? So here it is: My Favorite 5 Healthy Snacks To Grow Your Hair Long.

Healthy Snacks to Grow Your Hair Long

Almonds are rich in protein and rich in biotin. Both protein and biotin help build the necessary building blocks for healthy hair. Plus, haven’t you ever heard of putting almond oil in your hair as a treatment? The protein, biotin, and good oils in almonds will help nourish you and your scalp from the inside, for beautiful hair!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are an easy, satisfying snack. Just one keeps me full and energized for a long time. I also find it convenient when I’m on the go. If you have the luxury of having free time, any eggs will do: scrambled, omelette. The point here is to nourish you and your scalp from the inside with, you guessed it, protein. Bonus Tip, if you don’t like hard boiled eggs, and decide to cook them another way. Why not cook it with olive oil? Which is also a great hair moisturizer.

I try to eat avocado with everything I can think of. The good oils in avocado are great for your hair and skin.

Cucumbers, like avocados, are GREAT for your skin and hair. Haven’t you ever seen people put them on their eyes? Seen it as an ingredient in moisturizers? It also helps detox. And, it is a biotin rich food. My favorite way to eat them? With lemon and chili powder!  Or, you can put cucumbers in your water, to make it tastier, more refreshing. Remember, water is a great way to keep your skin, hair, and whole being healthy and clear.

Berries are full of biotin and anti-oxidants, and taste great! When I have some raspberries, strawberries, and blue berries with breakfast, I feel great all day. Fresh or in a smoothie, berries are always bomb. The fact that they are good for you and your hair is just a big plus.

I hope you like this blog! Remember, I am not a nutritionist. Just an esthetician and makeup artist determined to grow long healthy hair! These Healthy Snacks to Grow Your Hair Long are yummy and good for you from the inside out!

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