Hidden dangers of false eyelashes

Do you want to have long lashes, rich and curved, not to be forced to use every day, mascara? Your handy option is to apply false eyelashes. Pay attention, however. In addition to the many advantages it offers to the eye, eyelashes have numerous disadvantages. So before you go rushing off to the beauty salon to request this service, consider the risks to which you expose yourself:
Here are the disadvantages:

1. Require a long period of application. In most cases, eyelashes extensions are applied by professionals and require two to three hours to be applied, which can be uncomfortable.

2. In most cases, eyelid glue is visible. This requires the use of a more pronounced makeup.

3. They are expensive. Applying false eyelashes makes you put your hand deep in your pocket. The price of such a procedure is quite high, considering that they stand from a few hours up to three weeks.

4. Thus, depending on which salon you choose to go and which model you choose, the price varies between 50$ to 100$.

5. The price may increase if natural eyelashes are naturally fluctuating between. Also this added cost and price of their removal.

6. Cause allergies or eye irritation. During the procedure, the glue for attaching extensions eye, which leads to a burning sensation and tearing and sometimes even irritates the eyeball

7. Detach and form unsightly gaps. If they are not glued properly when you take them off they can leave yours without your natural eyelashes. That’s why it is recommended to go to the salon to remove them.

8. Require excessive care. Professional extensions usually require replacing them every six to eight weeks.

9. Adhesive seriously affects natural lashes. The used glue destroys your natural lashes.
Eyelash glue suffocates root bulb strands of eyelashes, which makes them unable to grow. Also, the glue applied directly applied to your natural lashes, leads to their collapse.

10. Colorful and extravagant eyelashes make you look pathetic. Imagine what it’s like to show up at an event, or even at the office, with some exaggerated long, colorful strident eyelashes. You’re not Lady Gaga and you do not show up on a stage.

11. Can deepen the color of the iris. In some cases, using false eyelash changes the pigmentation of the iris. Thus, the iris color can get to be darker than normal.
Contain hazardous substances. The adhesive contains formaldehyde, some chemicals that can harm the eyes.

12. Can lead to an eye infection. You can deal with this predicament because false eyelashes trap dirt and bacteria. In severe and rare cases, the use of false eyelashes may even lead to blindness.

13. Hampers face washing. The first hours after applying false eyelashes impose a number of restrictions: no water in the first 12 hours without creams or oils on your face without wiping or rubbing the eyes. Also, washing the face is not an easy procedure to accomplish when you have false eyelashes. Touching false eyelashes cause pressure on natural lashes and even pain.

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