Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Bikini, Butt and Thigh Areas

In general, some areas in the human body look darker as compared to the other areas. But, there are certain home remedies that will help with lightening some of these dark areas. For instance, if you are feel that the butt, bikini and thigh areas are dark and look for the best home remedies for the same, here are some home remedies to help you out.

What causes darkness?
In general, different reasons are stated as to why these areas in the body are dark. In most instances, the pants and underwear that we use cause this issue. The material of the clothes we use plays a major role in deciding the color. Another major cause for this issue is the waxing products that are used. Irrespective of the cause, it can be a great issue for women as the skin looks ugly when they intend to wear swimsuit at a beach or when they will have to spend some intimate time with their partner.

Point to remember:
In case, you notice darker skin in your shoulder, armpit, neck and knee areas, there are chances of some health issues. So, it is better to get help from a dermatologist. But, you can get rid of dark skin in lower thighs, butt and bikini areas right from your home with the help of any of the following home remedies:

  1. Try yogurt and lemon mask:

When it comes to whitening, there can be no other better home remedy as compared to lemon. However, you should remember not to use a home remedy with lemon in daytimes. The reason is that if you are exposed to the sun after applying lemon in any part of your skin, you will get an opposite reaction as your skin will get darker as against getting brighter.

How to prepare?

To prepare this home remedy for dark skin in your thighs, you need half a cup of Greek yogurt and one lemon. Just mix these two ingredients and smear the mask on the dark areas of your skin. Just leave it for around half-an-hour and then rinse the area with water at a warm temperature. Do the same every night for a week; you will see the best results at the end of a week.

  1. Oil, honey and lemon paste:

Oil is to make your skin soft, while honey has excellent exfoliating properties. Of course, lemon is to remove the darkness in the skin.

How to prepare?

To prepare this home remedy, you need a tablespoon of oil preferably olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and extract from half a lemon. Mix all the ingredients and you will get a paste. Just apply the paste in the affected areas and leave them to act on your skin for about 20 minutes before washing with warm water. Just continue this application every night for a week to get the best whitening effects.

  1. Cottage cheese and lemon:

To prepare this remedy, you will need 5 drops of lemon juice and a spoon of cottage cheese.

How to prepare?

Just bring together both ingredients and apply the combo mixture in the dark areas of your skin and leave for about 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure every night for a week to see the results.

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