Home Treatment for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenail is a condition when the sharp edge of your toenail starts to grow into the skin. It is painful and the area becomes red and sometimes warm. If it is not treated, it can cause an infection. It can occur on any toe, but oftener it affects the big toe. Ingrown nails can also appear because of the development of a fungus on the toe, provoking deformity and sometimes bacterial infection.

Home remedies can help in case of early stage of ingrown toenails, demonstrating to be a successful way to prevent surgery. For example, to calm down the soreness, put your foot in warm water mixed with one tablespoon or two of Epsom salts. Keep the foot with the sore toe in water for five – ten minutes, once or twice per day.

Also, you can add instead of salt a half of cup of hydrogen peroxide. The foot bath has to last about 20 minutes. After it your skin and nail will soften and will offer relief from the undesired symptoms. You can try raw apple cider vinegar to put in your water as well. After each bath be sure to dry well the feet and keep them clean, the bacteria and infection not to multiply.

Be attentive to trim your nails straight across, and not curved. If the corners are too sharp, file them a little bit. One of the major causes is also shoes that do not fit well the feet. They can pressure on the tips of your toes. Or the shoes are very tight, so the toenails are continuously pressed to each other and are forced to grow into flesh.

To help the nail to grow above the skin, after soaking put some bits of cotton or waxed dental floss under the ingrown edge.

Use eucalyptus, oregano or tea tree oil to prevent infection and relieve pain. Just put some drops on the sore toe.

Lemon acidity creates miracles when your toe is already infected. Take a slice of lemon and bandage it to the nail and leave it in this way overnight. You may proceed the same way with a slice of onion.

After softening the nail and the skin around it, try to cut attentively the corner which bothers you, gently massaging the skin away from the nail. If you have often such problems you can buy for yourself a pair of ingrown toenails files. They are thinner and easier to use in trimming the edges in painful areas.

In case you do not succeed to remove the ingrown toenail, the pain increases and you have signs of an infection (unpleasant odor, swelling, yellow drainage), then it is time to go to a doctor. You may need to take a serious treatment, including antibiotics. Ingrown toenails are not a joke, being able to cause bone infections, or even gangrene. It is advisable persons with diabetes or diseases which affect blood circulation to seek medical advice, because they have a higher risk to develop complication.

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