Homemade Clarifying Vinegar Hair Rinse

We head back to the kitchen again for this beauty DIY. Vinegar, one of the most versatile items in your pantry is the key ingredient in this inexpensive clarifying hair rinse. Vinegar helps strip the chemicals from all the products that you’ve used to style and clean your hair, as well as restore PH balance, and help fight dandruff.


To make your own vinegar hair rinse, you’ll need:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Spray Bottle

Step 1: Fill 1/3 of your spray bottle with the apple cider vinegar
Step 2: Fill the remaining 2/3 of your spray bottle with warm water
Step 3: Gently mix your rinse using the spray tube or by turning it upside down a few times with the top secured.

To use the spray, apply a liberal amount to your scalp. Lift sections of your hair and give it a few sprays. After spraying your entire scalp area, go ahead and work the rinse in with your fingertips for a few minutes. Hop in the shower and really work your shampoo into your hair massaging your scalp thoroughly. Rinse with warm water and yes, you should repeat. The repeat is for two reasons:

1) You want to be sure the vinegar smell has dissipated.

2) If your hair has buildup the first wash will loosen that buildup and the second will really get worked into your scalp, doing its job. A second wash is important if you are a dandruff sufferer. Use this spray sparingly if you have color-treated hair, the acetic acid in the vinegar could begin to strip the color in your hair. Adjust the ratio of vinegar to water to cater to your hair.

Lately I’ve been using Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo to help with my scalp issues. Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and is known to be an effective treatment for dandruff. Organix is a bit pricier than your standard drugstore shampoo but there a few reasons to spend the extra cash on it.

1) Organix products use a unique sulfate free surfactant. They contain no lauryl or laureth sulfates.

2) All Organix shampoos and conditioners are paraben free.

3) Organix® does NOT test on animals.

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