Homemade Facelift Mask That Left Plastic Surgeons Speechless

No matter how good vacation, feasts and late night parties can leave their mark on our skin. If you notice that your skin is not as radiant, on the contrary, seems dull, tired and sagging, know that you can regain its beauty by using a rejuvenation facial mask with lifting effect.

Although it seems hard to believe, you should know that you have in the kitchen a few common ingredients that act as a professional facelift when are added to a facial mask for rejuvenation; more specifically, they “tighten” the skin, make it look firmer and brighter.

Egg whites do everything in the facelift process
I give you one example: egg whites. It contains lutein, an antioxidant that helps the skin to be elastic and hydrated. The egg whites’ proteins repair tissues and “tighten” the skin. In case of oily skin, egg white is excellent in a face mask because acts as an astringent, absorbing the excess sebum and minimizing the pores, and in the end, leaving the skin firmer and younger. Another recommendation: apply the facial mask once a week, if you want to see results in no time. What you will need for this mask, are:

– 1 egg
– lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

Preparation method:
Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Now beat the egg white until foaming and then add the lemon juice. Continue to beat the egg white for 3 minutes until the mixture is homogenous. Before applying it on your face, clean your face and your neck.  Using your fingertips or a foundation brush apply the mixture on your face with circular movements. The mask will dry quickly. Let it act for 5-10 minutes and the rinse your face with warm water. After that, apply your regular moisturizer.

When you apply the egg white on your face, it forms a thin layer as it dries. Immediate feeling that you will feel is that the skin tightens up. The effect disappears after removing the mask, but the skin remains “tight” with pores less visible. Equally, egg white mask has an exfoliating effect and removes dirt and dead cells accumulated in pores.

Homemade Facelift Mask That Left Plastic Surgeons Speechless

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