How can the stretch marks at teens be prevented

The stretch marks are, generally, associated with pregnancy because mothers are common victims of this unpleasant phenomenon, emerged from forced stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Also, the stretch marks can appear not only at pregnant women, but any other person who suddenly gains weight and, also, suddenly loses weight. Although it may seem strange, these marks are a natural phenomenon common during puberty, both at boys and girls.

The explanation is very simple: when a person gains or loses weight in a quick pace (as happens during puberty), the stretch marks appear.

How a teenager gets over the stretch marks “drama”

Unlike boys, girls might be more concerned about the appearance of the stretch marks at a young age, especially if they have already heard that the stretch marks emerge at pregnant women. So, if your teenage daughter has stretch marks and she seems worried because of this, explain to her that this is a normal phenomenon and that she is not the only teenager on the planet with stretch marks. Most girls and women have more or less visible stretch marks, they appearing, generally, on the breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs.
At first, the stretch marks appear as red or purple stripes, having a different texture than the skin around them. This shouldn’t scary us because, shortly, the stretch marks fade away gaining a whitish colour, which should comfort us because once the stretch marks emerged, they never disappear.

Stretch marks don’t disappear, but can be smoothed

There are various tricks that anyone can use in order to hide the stretch marks and feel more comfortable in their own skin:

Self-tanning creams
For a short period of time, the stretch marks can become less noticeable if covered with a self tanner. However, be careful! Natural or solarium tan doesn’t have the same effect because it is known that stretch marks become more visible when the skin is actually tanning, due to the skin unevenness.

BB cream
Creams with a colour close to the skin can, also, be used in order to cover the stretch marks for the moment, but not when going to the pool.

Appropriate clothing
Stretch marks can be hidden by wearing appropriate clothing, so that the clothes will cover the problematic areas. In fact, stretch marks emerge more often on the body areas, which, in most cases, are covered up. At the beach, the problem can be solved by wearing a one piece swimsuit or various accessories that will make the stretch marks less noticeable.

Creams and special treatments
There are traded hundreds of products whose producers claim that they remove more than 90% of the stretch marks, but it is good to know that stretch marks will never disappear regardless of how many creams are used to get rid of them. These can be removed only by dermatological treatment combined with aesthetic surgery and, not even in such case the result is guaranteed because it is reduced the visual impact and not a total removal of the stretch marks. It is good to know that all these measures are very expensive and, moreover, not very recommended to teenagers because they are still growing, which means that new stretch marks may occur again.

How can the stretch marks at teens be prevented?

This is a question with a quite relative answer because it is difficult to prevent the stretch marks, as long as the growth rate of each teenager is unique and often unpredictable. However, there are some means that can lower the risk of stretch marks emergence:

Regular physical exercises

Sport and especially the stretching exercises are ideal for reducing the risk of stretch marks emergence because the skin’s elasticity is constantly required, the body becoming stronger and more resistant to physical changes.


A good hydration makes the skin more elastic and the stretch marks, even if they appear, they are less visible. It is indicated a teenager to consume between 8 and 12 glasses of water daily for the skin to be hydrated enough.

Healthy food

Healthy food rich in vitamin A and vitamin C prevent stretch marks because these substances increase the collagen production in the body. Thus, many oranges, grapefruit, milk, peaches and other healthy foods are recommended for teens.

Massage with oil rich in vitamin E
Regular massage of problematic areas helps maintain the skin tonified. It is important to choose a quality product with effective ingredients.

How can the stretch marks at teens be prevented

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