How to Apply Self Tanner Correctly

If you haven’t yet reached the sea or pool, self tanner is a great solution to give your skin a golden tint. However, be careful when applying it in order not to end up with dark patches. Here are some tips to get a perfect tan.

Prepare Your Skin before applying Self Tanner
If you have dry skin – and this is the case with many of us, especially in the arms and legs) – prepare a few days in advance before you get to the self tanner. Use two to three times a day moisturizing lotion, especially after showering, focusing on spots where the skin is most dry (like elbows and knees). If not properly hydrated, these areas will absorb a greater amount of tanner leaving dark patches that look entirely unnatural. In addition, an exfoliating gel is recommended before applying the tanner to remove dead skin.

Before Applying Self Tanner
First, test the product on one of the less exposed areas of your body before application. It also applies for many other cosmetic products (when you dye your hair) and you probably ignore it. You should take it into consideration, at least in this case, because once penetrating the skin tanner is difficult to remove. Moreover, if you do not like how it looks on your skin by testing it you’ll deprive yourself of funny situations.

Apply the product on dry skin
Wait about 20 minutes after showering to ensure that your skin is completely dry to keep from turning dark.

Apply it Quickly
Apply quickly the tanner to ensure that you’ll obtain a perfect look. Put in enough for each area (it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice a few days ahead using a moisturizing lotion). Make sure you apply the same amount of product, covering specific area at once. Start at your feet and work your way up to your shoulders and save your arms and hands for last. With gentle moves pay extra attention to knees, ankles, elbows and chest as your skin is more dry and sensitive in these areas than the rest of the body.

Wash your hands immediately after you finish
Hands are most vulnerable during this process and if not washing them immediately you’ll get a much darker color in this area. So move fast! Pay attention to nails and cuticles when washing your hands. Don’t get dressed for half an hour to two hours. You could do your manicure or watch TV in this time as long as you don’t touch a thing.

How to Make your Tan last longer
You can refresh the color after 3 to 5 days have passed. You don’t have to necessarily wait until the tan has disappeared altogether. When starting to fade, refresh your skin, exfoliate and begin the cycle again. Don’t forget to test it first to see how your skin will look after the second session.

How to Apply Self Tanner Correctly

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