How to brush your hair without damaging it

Brushing your hair. This may seem like a simple concept and to many of you it is but to others, not so much. Did you know you can do a lot of damage to your hair if you brush it the wrong way? One wrong way to brush your hair is to brush your hair when it is wet. When your hair is wet it loses it’s elasticity. The elasticity of your hair is like a rubber band you can stretch it out and when you let go it will snap back.

Try this: Take a strand of dry hair and try pulling it gently and letting it bounce back to it’s original size. If you take and stretch it past the point of its ability to snap back it will break.

There are coiled fibers in your hair that look and work like a spring and when your hair is wet these fibers are weaken. Your hair will stretch farther when wet.

Now try getting a strand of hair wet and stretch it. You will notice that it stretches further. When you stretch it out past it’s ability to bounce back you have permanently damaged your hair. Every time you brush wet hair without being gentle you are destroying it’s elasticity. If you hear snapping when you brush then you need to stop. Grab a comb and start at the ends and gently comb out the tangles. Work your way from the ends up to the scalp. This simple change will save your hair. If you need to use a de-tangler spray on your hair to help you get through the tangles.

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