How to Care For Lash Extensions, with video


Hi beauties! This post on how to care for lash extensions is unique. I am writing this blog post in special response to a reader who posted a question on my original blog:  How to Care for Lash Extensions

So, back to the original reason for this update on lash extensions care. My reader inquired: “How do I keep my lash extensions straight – they always get really crissed crossed after about a week.”

Now in my opinion, it could be a number of reasons, from sleeping habits to general lash extensions care habits.

The best way to deal with twisting is brushing them softly after the shower. Twisting is a part of the “grow out” process, which means the hair is healthy and growing. However this can frustrate some. The best way to temporally fix the twist is to crisscross it over a stable lash, using tweezers.

Additionally, I recommend if you absolutely cannot stand the twisting, commit to weekly fills. They will keep your lashes on point, every time. Eyelash extensions look great… if they are done well and maintained often. So be sure to trust your therapist and do your part to be compliant with home care.

There you have it. Follow up info on lash extensions care. If any of you have any questions you would like to ask, please contact me. I’ll happy to answer any and all questions with my professional expertise. As always, thanks for reading and until next time!

Watch my video on How to Care for Lash Extensions Here!

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