How to do a Knotted Braided Bun

How to do a Knotted Braided Bun


1. Braid your hair in pigtail braids. Try to braid as far down as possible. Then tie off with bands.
2. Try to cover your parts by pinching the two sections of hair on either side of your part together. Then secure with a bobby pin to cover part line.
4. With the first knot you make, you want to pull the strands up and down(vertically).
5. Tie another knot(double know this baby), but this time pull the two braids horizontally.
6. Take out the rubber bands and pin the ends of the braids to the sides of the knot bun you’ve created. To further secure, take bobby pins and pin the braids to the rest of your hair.
7. Finish with hairspray!

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