How to dry your hair properly

Do you want straight hair but to have curls, too? Getting hairstyle undoing each loop with a hairdryer and hairbrush. A good hairstyle can show your hair who’s the boss. Making your own hair is so soft and elegant, even the most stylish retailer with the right products and tools can’t do it like you.

You need:
– smoothing shampoo
– conditioner for shine
– anti-frizz cream
– a gap-toothed comb

1. Wear the smoothing shampoo in your hair and then the conditioner to nourish and highlight the gloss. Rinse your hair well.
2. Dry your hair thoroughly with a towel. Do not rub vigorously, as if you do have frizz.
3. Apply anti-frizz in your hair cream evenly. Comb your hair with the comb teeth apart to spread anti-frizz cream.
4. Place the hairdryer at a low temperature and stretch small sections with the brush. As you hold a section of your hair and alder, says the air dryer on the portion from the roots to the tips. Keep your hair right and run until the section is dry. Repeat with all your hair.
5. Touch up any areas you want to revitalize with a flat iron if necessary.
6. Spray your hair with the spray that enhances shine and then position yourself to hair spray to fix the hairstyle.

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