How to Get Rid of Orange Hair

Do you want to end up with the orange color of hair? Since it is not the most attractive color, it is understandable why you would desire to fix orange hair. Fortunately, you can easily disembarrass of this problem and achieve the color which you truly want.

Why is your hair orange?
The color of our hair is not a single color, as it seems, but it is in reality a group of colors. So, if you have dark hair, it actually masks inside each strand of hair red pigment, which provides more contrast to black or brown color of hair. When this kind of hair is dyed or bleached, the basic tone shows up.

Hair becomes orange just because of a single reason: it was not lightened enough to turn blonde. When you dye hair blonde, you should pass through the yellow stage, this meaning that the red pigment is totally bleached. The yellow color will be toned with a violet based dye for neutralization. The result will be a natural shade of blonde.

If the yellow color was not achieved, you will not be able to get blonde hair, because it is not sufficiently light. Women who are afraid of bleaching and have dark color of hair often wash out the bleach earlier and get orange hair, and the blonde dye does not cover it. There are three options which provide the correction of orange hair:

  • Tone out orange color
  • Dye your hair in darker color
  • Lighten more your hair

Orange hair toning
Orange hair can be toned, exactly like you tone blonde hair. But keep in mind that blonde is toned with violet based dye, and orange has as neutralizing tone violet. Also, the toner must be more concentrated, to cover the darker orange strands of hair. Of course, you will not become blonde, but it would be the best variant of returning to a darker color. In the end, light brown is the best result which can be attained.

For toning the orange color, you will need light ash brown dye. Using a brush and a bowl, you can prepare the dye by combining the desired color with 10 vol developer. Divide your hair into four parts, it will be easier and more rapid for you to work. As well, in this way you can be more sure that the dye will be consistently applied.

Leave the dye as long as it is necessary to get rid of orange and to obtain a natural shade of brown. If you want an ashier color, leave the dye to make its effect for a longer period of time.

From orange to blonde
It is not so hard to reach the desired blonde shade. You just have to pass through one or two stages for this. If your hair turned orange, most probably you did not lighten it sufficiently, or removed the bleach before the hair became yellow. One option is to bleach your hair again. But this procedure must be performed not earlier than one week after the first bleaching, leaving the hair to get to its normality.

So, the second time, combine and apply more bleach and leave it to reach the yellow stage. Usually, it takes about 20-30 minutes and after this you can wash it out. Finally, you can color your hair blonde. It is advisable the blonde dye to be of pearl or ash shade, at least one level lighter than the desired color. Use light ash blonde if you want to have hair of medium natural blonde. Also, it is easier to achieve a lighter tone, because you do not have to remove the dye only after several minutes after its application. However, you can remove the dye once you got the tone which you like.

From orange to a darker color
Getting to a darker color is the simplest way to get rid of orange. For this, you just have to dye your hair with a darker color. You can return to your previous color, or you can choose a new one.

Hair coloring might be a great change in your life. But if it ends into a hair disaster, then it could cut your wings for any experiments in future. However, it is better to have hair color mistake than having no hair at all, doesn’t it?

How to Get Rid of Orange Hair

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