How To Glam Up Your Look


The holidays are upon us. This is the time of year when women ask themselves and ask professionals like me, How To Glam Up Your Look? I had the honor of hosting Miss Hispanidad International Sunday with my friend and fellow blogger Chauntel. The pageant contestants had so many beautiful looks, from makeup to hair all the way to fashion. So, in the spirit of glamourous holiday parties, I’m here to share professional behind the scenes tips on How To Glam Up Your Look

How To Glam Up Your Look

Wear Fake Eyelashes

I cannot stress enough how much fake eyelashes will intensify any eyeshadow or makeup look! Strip eyelashes will frame your eyes, making them look darker, deeper, and more mysterious. Extra wispy ones will blend in perfectly with your own lashes and have you feeling more glam in no time!

Pin Curl Your Hair

Pinning my curls has changed my life. You can read the full blog here. But believe me when I say, it adds an extra body and bounce to your hair that will totally make you feel like a pageant queen at all the holiday parties this year.

Dare to Wear Dark Eyeshadow

I’ve been all about neutral shadows lately. But, I’ve got to say, seeing so many pageant contestants with dark, sexy eyeshadow made me rethink my love of neutrals lately. To achieve this, pack any dark colored shadow on your lid (black, grey, green, blue, purple), then with a blending brush, soften out the edges. Smudge a dark liner on the bottom. Boom!

Rock a Cat Eye

I saw cat eyes both at Miss Hispanidad International, AND all over the runway at LA Fashion Week. The best thing is you can create this look with whatever your comfortable with, gel liner, liquid liner, or pencil. Be on the lookout for a youtube tutorial on cat eyes in the very near future!

I hope you enjoyed these 4 easy tips any woman can try when it comes to How To Glam Up Your Look! Which tip will you try first? I’d love to read in the comments! As always, thanks for reading. Until next time.

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