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Today I am writing about long hair yet again. For those of your who follow my beauty blog, you’ll know that since 2012, I have been obsessed with growing out a pixie cut. I have tried EVERYTHING to get long hair, fast. Some trials worked amazing. Others, not so much. With so much progress, I sort of stopped nourishing my hair with scalp treatments, hair masks and the like. Recently, however, I decided it was time to even my hair out (the layers were growing in so funny, as to be expected when growing out a pixie cut), and cut off the dead, dry ends. I cut off a few inches and decided now is the time to get back into weekly hair treatments to make my hair grow faster. I thought I’d share some secrets to long hair growth with you all today.
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Long Hair

My hair now. Can't wait til I have long hair!

As I said, I recently gave my hair a much-needed trim. The cut left me with totally healthy hair. This is the first and most important step to healthy long hair. As my old beauty school instructor taught me, if the scalp is too preoccupied nourishing dead ends, it won’t nourish the roots to stimulate real growth. So I’m happy with the results of my hair cut. It’s layered to fit the wavy texture of my hair. Now, I can wear it natural without having to flat iron it, blow it out, and so on. This is the second most important step to growing out long healthy hair–avoiding heat! My hair is to my shoulders right now. I’m going to (try to) avoid my flat iron and curler until it reaches my bra strap. Yikes!

Next, I’m giving myself a weekly scalp treatment with a high-frequency machine. This machine helps stimulate blood circulation, and oxygenates the skin (in this case, the scalp.) This will help carry nutrients to my scalp to feed my hair into health and length.

Speaking of putting nutrients into my scalp, I am re-adding a biotin supplement to my diet, along with more protein. Protein is a building block of keratin, which the hair is made out of. A diet with plenty of protein will ensure lots of hair growth.

I’m also going to deep condition my hair at home weekly with things like coconut oil, olive oil, raw eggs, avocado, banana, and apple cider vinegar. At home hair masks like these are messy and annoying, which is why I stopped a few months back. I’ll experiment with new, possibly less messy, recipes, so look out for updates on that.

I noticed my hair was growing the fastest in 2012 with regular trims, a high protein diet and cardio exercise. Something about raising my heart rate 3-5 times a week did wonders for my hair and skin. Maybe because it helped blood circulation? So the blood can carry away toxins and carry in nutrients to my hair and skin…? Who knows, but it does wonders for my whole appearance, so I’m definitely going to increase my current cardio rate.

So there you have it: staying on top of split ends, avoiding heat, committing to scalp treatments and hair masks, and a high protein diet all helped grow long hair faster before… and I’m curious if it’ll give it a much needed boost again. Be on the lookout for updates on progress! You can see daily pictures on My Instagram. Have any of these hair growth secrets worked for you? I’d love to read all your stories in the comments. Thanks for reading! Until next time.

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